Little Black Table with Tile Top

January 22nd, 2013 in member junk     
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Something every girl needs - a little black table with a tile top. I found the table base at a resale store for $3, all scuffed up and thrown to the side like a piece of garbage with it's beautiful little legs and cross supports sticking up in the air like a baby's arms toward me saying "take me home with you." The top had been ravaged by someone digging whatever it had in it's former life for one out, and left it topless. So sad, but it was MY DAY! I swept it up into my arms, and it was heavy, paid for it and left. I stopped for a sample of satin black paint and one tile with rough edges that fit perfectly into the pre-framed area for the top at a total cost of $2. My project totaled $5, and is cute as a bug. I love it, and hope to sell it for about $25. It'a worth it's weight in gold, and has a proud life now to live.

Pattern or design used: My own design
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MakinItHappen writes: How nice that the tile fit so perfectly! It was meant to be. Posted: 7:19 pm on January 25th
TinTinJunkFan writes: Nice job! Posted: 2:45 pm on January 23rd
LloydsLandingofSears writes: Thanks, Jim. Coming from you, that means a lot! ~Mary~ Posted: 4:12 pm on January 22nd
JunkArchitect writes: You did a fantastic job...AND ALL FOR FIVE BUCKS!

Posted: 9:31 am on January 22nd
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