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December 4th, 2008 in member junk     
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This is a desk in my girls room, it was mine as a child and I gave it a kick in the reflect their colors!!
This is one of my girls twin size bed, again, to go with their room!
I  know, crazy, dont know if you can make it out, but I found an old birdbath base and used an epoxy to layer hundreds of pennies on top of an outside light figure which was round and plastic in the trash.  Crazy.
Pin-up girls Im painting on one of my daughters bedroom walls.  Was looking for old pin-up girls magazine, to actually decopauge them on, but coulndt never find any magazines.
This is a desk in my girls room, it was mine as a child and I gave it a kick in the reflect their colors!!

This is a desk in my girls room, it was mine as a child and I gave it a kick in the reflect their colors!!

These are just a few more things I wanted to share with all you fine people!

Pattern or design used: My own design
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piecesofthepast writes: LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! Keep posting! Posted: 7:31 pm on December 15th
MimiToria writes: Too funny about the mannequin legs. My daughter would say you were nuts too, but then she's 14 and I'm finding most teenagers think their junking Mom's are nuts until they hit their mid 20's, then they become nuts like us. There is hope for your 5 daughters. Ha!
I too love your pool area and it looks so inviting. I can see why you always have friends over with a great area like that for them to hang out in.
You are a very gifted painter, so don't let anyone tell you different. You have a unique sense of style that is all your own, and that is awesome.
Welcome to the site, and I'm glad you found it. I just love it and enjoy so much all of the members, staff and projects everyone posts. It's the best here!
Gretchen Posted: 8:49 am on December 5th
pizzawife writes: Yes, the penny ball did get the patina look from being outside as well as it gets extremely hot when I am gardening and place my arm on it.....not too smart!

We all Love the pool, it's huge, we have 5 daughters and believe me, during the summer months, there are always people at my house. The dogs like it too, the filter takes a beating with all the hair it has to control!

I am looking for a pair of maniquin legs so I can place in the ground and mosaic....I think it would be fun to see a set of legs coming up from the ground in the garden girls say I'm nuts. But, I will keep looking for the legs! Posted: 8:38 am on December 5th
CottageElements writes: Love the penney idea! How creative. Your pool area looks so inviting! Thanks for sharing.

Lani Posted: 12:41 am on December 5th
junkermidge writes: This stuff is fantastic! Amazing artwork. How fortunate that your girls have such a talented mom.
Midge Posted: 8:14 pm on December 4th
MimiToria writes: Love the chocolate brown desk you painted to go with the cool room that daughter has. The bed is painted very neat too. You are one talented painter/artist.
Your pool is way cool too and the idea with the penny is great. Did the pennies get that verdigres green patina from being outside? Posted: 4:40 pm on December 4th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Yes, you just might have your daughter in your house longer than expected! Now I, on the other hand, may never leave your pool if I were invited. ;) That is one fantastic place.

Thank you for sharing your ideas. It made "cents" to save that light fixture from the trash...I'm so glad you did.

Take care,
Candy Posted: 4:17 pm on December 4th
junktiqueboutique writes: If my bedroom was this cool I'd never move out. Posted: 2:42 pm on December 4th
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