vintage dollhouse

December 4th, 2008 in member junk     
shamrockerin shamrockerin, member
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vintage dollhouse made out of masonite (I think)

have no idea what to do with it.  .  .it was free.  .  .but I already have 13 dollhouses and I dont need another one.  .  .

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QueenofGreen writes: Can you put it in the kitchen for a spice cubby? Posted: 12:14 pm on February 6th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: How about making #14 as a bookshelf?

Cute freebie!

Candy Posted: 4:19 pm on December 4th
shamrockerin writes: Oh- I think I saw that in a Martha Stewart magazine.. . . or maybe it was Better Homes and Gardens? But I do know what you're referring to! Unfortunately, I don't really have a utility room- my 'luandry room' is the size of a closet! Posted: 4:04 pm on December 4th
bridiemurphy writes: Oh, and you know what you can do with it? Hang it in your utility room, backwards, and use the cubbies for a shelf! Might have been a JunkMarket idea, I'm not sure, I saw it in a Cottage Living or Country Home magazine over a year ago and kept the picture. Have fun! Posted: 10:49 am on December 4th
bridiemurphy writes: FREE? Aye yi, yi! I almost cry when I see playmate had one like it when I was a little one - I always adored the grandness of the columns by the front door. Oh, and my Daddy made my dollhouse -- gave it to me for Christmas about 38 years ago. Today it is in my living room where my five year old daughter has vintage barbies resting under felt. Doesn't get much better, does it? Posted: 10:48 am on December 4th
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