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December 4th, 2008 in member junk     
shabbychick Kathy Stantz, contributor
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Heres a simple project - buttons and wire and a bottle!
Well, its beginning to look a lot like Buttons-R-Us around here  (LuAnn, you started this...LOL).  Just need to pick a few for this project...
Heres what youll need...
Heres the underside - the wire is wrapped to help hold the button in place.
Wrap them all together - and voila a button bouquet has bloomed!!
Heres a simple project - buttons and wire and a bottle!

Here's a simple project - buttons and wire and a bottle!

After my first post showing the button bouquets, a couple members wanted to know how to make them.  Well, on a difficulty scale of 1 to 5 (5 behind the hardest) - it's probably a 2.  These are so simple, and turn out just "cute as a button"... :)

Supplies:  19-gauge craft wire; buttons (5-7 on an average bouquet - more if you're doubling them up); needle-nose wire cutters; bottle, salt shaker (or some kind of small container); optional:  ice pick or something to twist wire; beads; other embellishments...

First, cut your wire the desired length (for this one I cut each one about 12" -I found that it's better to cut them too long - you can always trim extra away... ); about 5-7 "stems".  If it's a larger container, you'll want to make more stems - I did 9 on a couple larger ones. 

Next, take a button and thread wire through both holes (if there are four, you still only need to put wire through two), and leave at least two inches to wrap around/twist under button or to attach a bead; use wire cutters and pinch just under the button (be careful with plastic buttons, I've broken a few by pinching a little too hard - don't know my own strength I guess - ha ha!)  Also, if you're using a button that is solid on top and the hole is underneath, again, be careful not to pinch it too hard.  You might want to practice on some "junky" ones to get the hang of it.  You can also double up flat buttons - for a little added color/dimension.

You can use an ice pick (or something similar) to twist the stems, and add beads, etc.

When you're done with all the stems, you can wrap them together by using another wire, or just twist them together, and use one of the stems to tighten them.

You can just drop the bouquet in a bottle, or if you want it to stay in place, you can use a piece of wire to wrap around the bouquet and the lip of the bottle.

For the bouquets in the salt shakers, I twisted the wires inside the shaker (using the wire cutters) and stuffed the rest up inside.

There are lots of possibilities for embellishing the bouquet - beads, crystals, "grandma's" earrings, etc.  In a clear bottle, you may want to drop some little buttons, beads, etc., in for fun!   You can look at my other post for some ideas.  I've looked on "Etsy" and there are people selling them there - so that's another place to look for inspiration. 

My favorites so far are in the salt shakers, using tiny buttons.  Can't wait to see some pics from you guys - I'm sure there are some wonderful bouquets blooming in those creative minds!!!  I've got some ideas for a couple new "styles" for our next show -now, if I only had a little time...after the holidays...and it's going to be a long winter...

Have fun!  Kathy 

P.S.  Sue, I know you're loving the goblet full of white mother-of-pearl buttons! 

Pattern or design used: My own design
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AbseftPeect writes: That is an awfully astounding column you Posted: 1:34 am on October 5th
wildmary writes: Ive done these and added green silk leaf (u get in bridal section of craft/floral store) and wrap stem with green floral tape........comes out nice Posted: 7:26 am on January 23rd
Meadowview_Farm writes: Thanks for the "how to"...now I've "got to"!!
Kari Posted: 8:39 am on December 8th
shabbychick writes: Thanks everybody - glad to help a bit! Such a fun and easy project - but a few little tips help (you won't break as many buttons as I did...).

The mother-of-pearl buttons are my favorite. The small bowl in the front is filled with black mother-of-pearl buttons with various carvings - they're really cool too.

Gretchen - a great idea to attach a button bouquet to packages...and I know what you mean about needing more room for displays - or "maybe" we should have "less" stuff.......nah........that thought went right out the window!!! LOL

Good luck Geo! I know you'll "grow" some beautiful bouquets!!

Imakdee - the pendant was given to me by one of my friends - she soldered a piece of broken china - I love it!!

Candy - will let you know how our first open house/occasional show goes! We've got everything set up - now, up early in the morning to get some signs out on the street!!

Take care! AND Happy buttoning!

Kathy Posted: 4:57 pm on December 5th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: What great instructions. Know that they are very much appreciated!

Have a fantastic Open House!!! Posted: 4:08 pm on December 5th
Imakdee writes: Hey, this is an amazing project, but I couldn't help but notice the rose pendant in the second picture, on the right. Where did you get that or did you make it? Posted: 4:04 pm on December 5th
georgiamoon writes: Ok I am ready to rock and roll here. Thanks for the tutorial...I needed that. You answered all my questions and I should be able to start this project....sometime...soon? Love ya, geo Posted: 3:23 pm on December 5th
suewhitney writes: Kathy,

How did you know that those would be my fav? Hahaha...I'm such an open book! Thanks so much for teaching everyone how to make these. Rthey're wonderful.

Be well,
Sue Posted: 10:43 am on December 5th
MimiToria writes: I love the goblet full of mother of pearl buttons! I have a a silver bowl filled about 1/2 full with varying mother of pearl buttons and they are so lovely I may use them as holiday display on a table. I need a bigger house for more display places!!!
Love the tutorial and the neutral button boquet you chose to display is right to my liking. I may make some of these up and attach to Holiday packages in a bottle as the embellishment. Posted: 9:20 am on December 5th
CottageElements writes: Kathy, I actually purchased some of these new. They look great with a bunch just stuck in a tree. Yours are much nicer, though, and mean more as their handmade! Thanks for sharing!

Lani Posted: 12:33 am on December 5th
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