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December 2nd, 2008 in projects     
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Our son. With this double sided frame, both little angels are given equal face time.
Our daughter.
Our son. With this double sided frame, both little angels are given equal face time.

Our son. With this double sided frame, both little angels are given equal face time.

Photo: Kimberly Melamed

Germaine Monteil Couture Cosmetiques Display Frame                     

Junk Market Style Difficulty Meter

Vintage glass and metal display rack
Kids school pictures
Scrapbook papers
Double sided tape

Tools List:
Scissors or Exacto cutter
Cutting mat


Step 1: Loosen screw from cap on top of display case.

Use one of those tiny screwdrivers usually found in an eyeglass repair set. Also, if the screws are a bit rusted in, a shot of WD-40 should do the trick.

Step 2: Gently squeeze together metal supports and lift off cap.

Be sure to have a hand on the glass as you remove the caps. You wouldn't want it to slip out and break.

Step 3: Carefully slide glass up and out of case.

Slow and steady...

Step 4: Using the glass edge as a guide, trace the corner onto the paper you have chosen.

Ok, this is where the cutting mat and Exacto come into play. You could trace and cut or you could run the Exacto along the edge and save a step. Your choice.

Step 5: Repeat with the pictures.

Same thing with the cutting here. Also, as much as I love having the year on the picture, it really looks much more elegant in this case, when it is removed.

Step 6: Cut paper along traced edge.

Isn't that paper pretty! Remember, you need to do this with two peices of paper as the frame is double sided.

Step 7: Apply double-sided tape to paper back, and sandwich two sheets together. Place tape on the picture backas well.

I am a big fan of the roller style tape dispenders found in the scrapbooking section of the craft store. I like to use the removable or repositionable just in case.

Step 8: Center first picture on the paper and press all sides gently. Repeat for other side and second picture.

Now, you can measure the picture and paper for perfect placement, or, you can do what I did, and eyball it. I sometimes get impatient with rulers. My bad.

Step 9: Clean both peices of glass. Lay one peice of glass flat and center the paper with the pictures applied onto the glass. Carefully place second peice of glass on top of the paper and pictures.

Believe it or not this was the hardest part. Not the cleaning, but the getting it all centered! Like I said, impatient with rulers. Here I go running with scissors again.

Step 10: Gently slide glass, with pictures and paper sandwiched inside, into metal frame.

Step 11: Replace caps and secure with screws.

We got this beauty from our friend Kristy over at Hunt & Gather! Love it, rust and all!

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Comments (5)

Chovey writes: Wow! I hope I run across one of these someday. Love the picture idea!
cynthia Posted: 6:13 pm on December 8th
MimiToria writes: What a great industrial project you have created here. The kids are darling too. Very clever how you've put this all together.
I could even see photos in black and white or sepia giving it another whole different look to it. Good job.
Thanks for yesterday! I enjoyed our short time out at lunch and the chance to get to know you a bit better. Tell Sue your a sweetheart, not a nut.
Gretchen Posted: 8:36 am on December 5th
suewhitney writes: OMGosh,

You really are giving the kids equal face on the site. One day darling daughter first the next day smiling son. You're a nut, you know that?

Bye for now!
Sue Posted: 9:46 pm on December 3rd
Junk_Sophisticate writes: This looks so nice, Kimberly. I don't think I've ever come across anything like it.

Love the two-sided aspect to it too. Your kids look adorable in it.

Candy Posted: 2:36 pm on December 2nd
CottageElements writes: What a find this was, Kimberely. I love the engraving and love that you can display both pictures. And then the patina . . . makes it just perfect!

Lani Posted: 1:05 pm on December 2nd
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