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March 6th, 2012 in member junk     
gadgetsponge Brian Carlisle, contributor
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Old garden/faucet handles!  Is there anything they cant be used for?  I cant get enough of them -- as you can see.
Canisters, containers, teapots -- any enclosure, is the first thing I search out for inspiration when starting one of my upcycled birdhouses.
Door knobs and face plates.  All door knobs are almost as handy as garden faucet handles.  From rust metal to glass, they always add recognizable charm.
Drawer handles galore!  There are so many old styles and materials that were used for drawer handles that they always come in handy for my bird perches to whatever else.
License plates are right up at the top of the list for me.  They offer so much variety and styles.  One little tip:  Ive come to know that vintage plates from Illinois offer the best, unique colors.  From circular structures for my birdhouses to using the numbers for added punch, you cant beat em!
The nuts and bolts.  Gotta have em.  When aluminum is the only answer, when two pieces wont cooperate or you just want a good sturdy connection, you gotta go old school.  It cant hurt to have too many and a lot of different sizes.
Metal lockers.  They keep my aluminum, copper, and silverplate separated and me a little more organized.
Silverplate Trays!  Super shiny and totally multi-functional.  From bird feeder platforms to chalkboards to birdhouse foundations, with a little Tarn-X and elbow grease, they can solve a lot of upcycling projects.
Stick a fork in it!  Im sure weve all been amazed at what folks are doing with utensils all over the place in the art world.  I like grinding and cutting spoons into rose leaves, bending fork prongs into filigree and using knife ends for interesting metal pieces.  Oh!  And you can eat with them too!

Small, interesting parts are the key to all our creations.  You never know when an old pressure gauge or a tin mold is going to pull a whole piece together.  You can NEVER have enough small junk parts laying around.
Old garden/faucet handles!  Is there anything they cant be used for?  I cant get enough of them -- as you can see.

Old garden/faucet handles!  Is there anything they can't be used for?  I can't get enough of them -- as you can see.

These great items make my creative wheels spin and keep me motivated to pursue the next project.

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scavenger writes: Your work is fantastic. I love recycling old stuff. My husband and I are in the process of transforming an old wire corn crib into a gazebo. Posted: 8:01 am on March 26th
scavenger writes: Love all your great projects since I love recycling old things. My husband and I are in the process of transforming an old wire corn crib into a gazebo. Posted: 8:00 am on March 26th
MrsJunkAddict writes: THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH FOR THIS!!! My husband and I are just getting started collecting items and making things to sell (and keep haha). We have discovered that what makes a truly great final product is all the little details ;) Posted: 9:35 am on April 7th
gizmo0140 writes: oh my i so need that top tea pot the one on the left top shelf bronze color. it needs some bling and i am doing a mad hatter tea party these for my girls. rooms
Posted: 2:29 pm on March 11th
CottageElements writes: Brian, you've got some cool stuff there!!! Great top ten pick!

Lani Posted: 8:40 pm on March 9th
sassycass writes: Very cool - I just love all the different colored faucet handles. Posted: 2:46 pm on March 9th
gadgetsponge writes: Jim, did you really think I would show you the other 95% of my garage space that is awfully messy? Haha. Posted: 1:43 pm on March 7th
DecorMadeSimple writes: I just saw a photo of the facet knobs attached to a piece of wood and used for hooks to hang garden stuff. Posted: 7:24 am on March 7th
MakinItHappen writes: What a fantastic stash o' junk!!! I'm so jealous. Posted: 5:57 am on March 7th
JunkArchitect writes: Great bunch of junk and you're so organized too.


Posted: 7:36 pm on March 6th
homeroad writes: Brian I'm with you on all of your "favorite things!" You have great style!
Susan Posted: 5:27 pm on March 6th
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