Steamer Trunk Bookcase

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Steamer Trunk Bookcase
Trunk Bottom Before
See what a little sanding and waxing can do!  Beautiful!
Add shelves using the supports already there where drawers used to be.  Trim the edge with nail heads.
Steamer Trunk Bookcase

Steamer Trunk Bookcase

Photo: Sherri Spear

I bought this old steamer trunk, probably paid too much but I just love the history.  It was just too heavy for me to even maneuver around the workshop so I decided that since we don't really use steamer trunks anymore, anything stored in it would just get musty, and with one rounded end it's not really the type one would use as a coffee table, I could remove the hinge pins and make multiple projects out of it.  One side had drawers with metal riveted glides so I thought they'd be perfect for shelves.  I sanded and waxed the whole thing, then made shelves out of some wood I had left over from remodelling and waxed those as well.  I was too lazy to router the edges so I just finished them off with nail head trim.  Until it sells, its a nice little display piece for my hardware.  This bookcase would also be neat up on legs or casters, and could even be hung on a wall with interlocking mounting hardware that can be found at most hardware stores.

Pattern or design used: My own design - Sherri Spear
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junkredeemer writes: I love these trunks too! You're right, they're beautiful but it's hard to decide what to do with them. What an awesome idea, though! CleverJunk, you sound like me, I have trouble shutting off the mind at night because of so many awesome ideas and not enough time! Keep at it! Posted: 9:10 pm on December 25th
CleverJunk writes: Thanks for all your comments. I do sleep but mostly I dream. I have one of those brains that won't shut down...that's partly why I had to stop decorating...I would dream all night of other people's houses; it was exhausting. I'm bad about posting so I didn't do all these projects at once...I just hadn't posted in awhile. I'm trying to get better about taking before and during pictures, which is a challenge for me because I tend to work fast, focused, and alone, and forget to do things like take pictures, eat, and socialize. lol....but I'm working on it...that's why this site is good for me. It connects me to you people who get me and that feels nice. So thank you all for your interest and comments.
Posted: 7:50 pm on December 13th
gadgetsponge writes: Do you ever sleep Sherri? Another great piece. Total class. Posted: 7:30 pm on December 13th
jerserypickerbro writes: Awesome,What a cool project Posted: 7:00 am on December 13th
CleverJunk writes: Sandyrae, Thank you for your comment. I just went and looked at your post. Sorry I didn't see it earlier. It is exactly the same kind of trunk and I think yours turned out just as nice from what I can see. I do like the fact that you put yours up on legs, I think I mentioned in my post that legs or casters were what mine in missing; I just want the option of hanging it on a wall. I use the other half as display and used the biggest drawer from the bottom and a very large container for floral display.
Sherri Posted: 6:34 pm on December 12th
sandyrae writes: I did this same thing in a past post, although mine doesn't nearly look this good. I just picked up another trunk this weekend, much larger than the last, I think this one will make a better coffee table.
Nice Job! Sandy Posted: 7:21 am on December 12th
JunkSituation writes: What a great idea! We all know those trunks are hard to sell.... people seem to love them, but don't know how to display a beat-up piece of history. I love this re-purposed treasure :)
Tammy Posted: 4:57 am on December 12th
JunkArchitect writes: Just like Georgiamoon said...your're a genius!

Posted: 7:30 pm on December 11th
byabpryor writes:
Totally Awesome... You rock!

Ang Posted: 6:54 pm on December 11th
mysalvagedtreasures writes: What a great way to use this old beauty. Love those drawers. Posted: 6:09 pm on December 11th
CleverJunk writes: Hey, it's nice to see you here. I purchased parts and pieces from you when you closed up shop...hope you are well.
Sherri Posted: 5:53 pm on December 11th
Porchman writes: What a neat project! Cool idea. Posted: 5:53 pm on December 11th
georgiamoon writes: This is a fantastic reuse. It is absolutely fabulous! You are a genius. Georgia Posted: 5:21 pm on December 11th
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