ladder back chairs

December 11th, 2011 in member junk     
Doyle Doyle, member
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painted and distressed.

ladder back chairs I bought, painted and distressed.

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Denee writes: Where do you live ? I would love for you to paint some chairs for me if you could find more and for a smiliar price. I can understand if you went up abit...but I am a really good customer from Atlanta, Ga. area. I have three granddaughters that I want to spoil w some rockers that has their names written on the top. Can you do that? My oldest granddaughter is 4 yrs. old and the twins are 1 year old. Georgia is 4 and Charlotte and Lilian are both 1 in a couple of weeks. I have two grandsons but this would be a girly thing. I had been looking for the really cheap chairs that they used to sale in Mexico that were small chairs, painted, and straw tightly woven bottoms. Do you know where I can find any of those for a really great price and they are so tiny. You do beautiful work ! I love the tuscan colors for chairs like you painted...they are all lovely. Posted: 5:14 am on October 31st
gadgetsponge writes: I'd definitely start them at $25 or bundle them for a little discount. Great job! Posted: 7:12 pm on December 13th
sandyrae writes: $15 is cheap. I'd snatch them all up. Here in IA
ladder backs sell anywhere from $25 to $40 each. I usually am lucky enough to find them in pairs of 2 (great for the ends of a dining table) or sets of 4. The only one I found as a single, I use as my desk chair and love to pieces. You won't ever see that one in one of my shows! Posted: 10:08 am on December 11th
suewhitney writes: These chairs ar great. $15.00 is a more than fair price!

Be Well,
Sue Posted: 9:22 am on December 11th
CleverJunk writes: Nice job Doyle. I don't know where you are in the country but $15 is more than fair. I'm a chair junky and find that they do take awhile to sell but they are still useful for display in my space. You only have three so if someone's looking for four they aren't your customer. Sometimes you have to give them the I'll sometimes put a display sign that says what a great chair for a lonely corner in a kids room for them to drop their backpack...and then it can do double duty as a great time-out chair...or perfect for a small entry..just put a mirror over it and it's a great spot to drop your purse, put on your shoes...or great in bathroom next to the tub stacked with towels... Our store has a tried and true motto..."if it doesn't sell, paint it white". Posted: 9:01 am on December 11th
Doyle writes: Thank You Sandyrae. I have been buying several pieces of early American furniture from Goodwill, and yard sells. I have sold a couple of them, but not getting much interest. I have the chairs priced at only $15 each, they are very sturdy with rush woven bottoms. Do you feel this is a fair price for these chairs ? Posted: 7:53 am on December 11th
sandyrae writes: I just love ladder backs. I buy them whenever I can at auction. I haven't had the guts to paint them, but they always sell quick in my booths.
Great job! Posted: 7:16 am on December 11th
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