From rags... to riches.... literally!

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My beautiful swan.
This may be a little hard to see what youre looking at, but there was a hole in the seat bottom, that I had opened up a little more, to reveal the original upholstery in its pristine condition.
The trim arund the edges was still intact. Everything had been protected all these years. My guess is that someone didnt like the cranberry color and covered it with a white slipcover. The material they used for the slipcover protected what was beneath it. A gorgeous fabric.
Does anyone have any idea how old it may be? The manufacturers label said Slyter in Tacoma, WA.
Another clue.
My beautiful swan.

My beautiful swan.

Photo: After removing the old slipcover.

I found this slipper chair in an alley after someone had cleaned out their garage. My husband probably thought I was crazy when I asked him use the pickup to retrieve it so I could assess the damage and see if it was worth salvaging. Little did we know what was hiding underneath the weathered upholstery covering. As I was looking it over, I first found a label from Slyter furniture company  in Tacoma, WA. I loved the lines of the vintage boudoir slipper chair and when I was doing my cursory inspection, I discovered that what I was actually looking at was a professional slipcover. After some probing, I discovered a beautiful swan. I absolutely love it... and I didn't have to make my own slipcover or reupholster. How cool is that?

Pattern or design used: My own design
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junkermidge writes: Very cool find! Good job!
Midge Posted: 5:45 pm on December 3rd
AtticusFinch writes: Lucky YOU! Beautiful color...
Sheri Posted: 5:15 pm on December 1st
tqoe351954 writes: Gorgeous color and style! What a great find! Posted: 12:46 pm on November 29th
georgiamoon writes: How cool is that? SUPER cool! What a great find and I LOVE the color. I am amazed that you found it in such good condition under the slip cover...that almost NEVER happens. It usually looks bad and smells worse. What a LUCKY find.
My guess on the age would be late 40's. But whenever it was made it is awesome.
Georgia Posted: 7:00 pm on November 28th
suewhitney writes: SCORE! This is a lucky dog! Very cool.

Be Well,

Posted: 9:45 am on November 28th
gadgetsponge writes: What a GREAT find! That's definitely a swan. What did your husband have to say after the big reveal? I hope you find some more info on it. Posted: 6:54 pm on November 27th
junqueartiste writes: How lucky you are! I love the style & best didn't have to do a thing to it, except remove the outer covering...touche! Posted: 3:01 pm on November 27th
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