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I bought these vintage salt and pepper shakers at a tag sale last year for $2. Were planning to use them as our cake topper!

I bought these vintage salt and pepper shakers at a tag sale last year for $2. We're planning to use them as our cake topper!

So.  .  .two weeks ago my Eric took me up to Vermont for a "weekend away". When we arrived, there was a beautiful log cabin, with a view of the mountains, tucked in the woods that was waiting for us. He rented it for the weekend and while we were outside looking up at the clear, autumn night sky, he proposed to me!

We'd love to incorporate some vintage/thrifty elements into our wedding, which we're trying to keep low-key and casual so now I must appeal to all you Junkers out there for your suggestions/ideas/photos.

I have some ideas of my own of course, but I'd love any inspiration/advice you have to offer.


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MakinItHappen writes: Oh wow, that sounds like heaven to me. Vermont, woods, cabin, romance...aah. I'm so happy for you guys! Posted: 4:43 pm on November 18th
bertandpetunia writes: CONGRATS!
Posted: 2:32 am on November 18th
gadgetsponge writes: Congrats! There's nothing like mixing an important milestone with the constant pursuit of oldies. Posted: 2:08 pm on November 17th
Erica2NMZ writes: Wow, those toppers are adorable! Congrats on the engagement. Posted: 6:46 am on November 17th
shamrockerin writes: Thanks so much! Not many details to disclose yet, but I'll definitely be posting the projects/ideas as they develop. I know I've seen some great ideas here before, now it's just a matter of tracking them down and tailoring them them to fit our needs/wants. :) Posted: 6:32 am on November 17th
suewhitney writes: Well, my dear....let me be the first here at JMS to offer my congratulations. Yay for you and Eric...cheers!!! Weddings are a subject that has been on my mind lately so you know I'll be ready to toss some ideas around! I also know that the kind and talented members of our JUNKMARKET Style community will be on board too. You'll have to give us all the info...when? where? Again, Congratulations. I am delighted for you!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 6:06 am on November 17th
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