Mirrors, Mirrors on the wall. Which is the fairest of them all?

November 20th, 2008 in member junk     
junkermidge junkermidge, member
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I saw the iron wheel at an auction and was drooling over it the whole time.  When the auction was ending with them overlooking it, I said "Hey, what about that."  They said "WAIT.  We have one more thing, who'll give me a dollar for it.  (me)  Anyone for two?"... So, I got it for $1.  I knew immediately I was going to make it into a mirrror.  Initially I  didn't like that it had a flat spot, but soon realized that was even better for setting on a shelf. (As for the 100's of spindles I got all for $1., I'm stilling working on those.)     

The white mirror is also a $1.00 buy, but from a different auction.  It was a large architectural salvage piece, I assume the exterior trim around a window.  I tightend it up a bit, but basically left it as is and added the mirror.  I think it has a cottagey look.

The last mirror was just for fun, I couldn't help myself.   


Pattern or design used: My own design
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fellowjunker writes: Just love that wheel mirror...........imagine it being flat on one side too!!!
xojanis Posted: 9:33 pm on November 21st
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Love that wheel! And the mirror makes the spokes really stand out. Love that!

Great finds.


Posted: 6:43 pm on November 21st
Chovey writes: Oh....these are just too clever!!! I lean towards the industrial look, too. But love, that TV!!!

Sue...you've given me a great challenge!!! A car door w/roll up and down mirror??? Might give it a whirl!!! Especially if it was sentimental, like my GF's or something!


Posted: 3:53 pm on November 21st
suewhitney writes: Man, you get a lot of stuff for a dollar. I'm going to start hanging with you! Love all of these, but it's a toss up for my fav. I am drawn to industrial junk so the iron wheel is right up my alley. But...you know that I have a sense of humor so the TV screen is also calling to me. I've always wanted to make a mirror out of an old car or truck door so you can roll the mirror up and down. Most people think this idea is more than a half bubble of center so I haven't received much support. Way to go Junkermidge, these are very cool!

Be well,
Sue Posted: 10:45 am on November 21st
MimiToria writes: Love the metal wheel you made into a mirror. Very cool pc and so original. Amazing buy at $1.00. Also the white pc. for $1.00 is incredible. Great redesigns and finds.
Gretchen Posted: 10:37 pm on November 20th
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