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August 19th, 2010 in blog, projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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Here it is. This was an unbelievable find! Its old for sure, but has never been used. It even came with its original price tag and instructions. Lot a good those did me. Ha! I guess they didnt get the memo that I would be using the case for a tag making tote.
The door of the case proved to be quite handy for hanging bits-and-pieces of junk along with pre-cut ribbons and twine for tags.
Craft paper made the original cardboard identification tags a little easier on the eyes.
This is a small tote, but the drawers are actually quite roomy, with plenty of space for everything you need to make some most exellent package toppers.
I like keys almost as much as I like metal letter stencils. Hard to believe for sure, but its true! A small embellishment adds a festive touch. Who says hard working junk cant look beautiful? Pishaw!
The instructions that were included with the case are actually quite funny.  Next time you come across something with original paper work take a moment to read it. Its quite the step back in time.
First thing first! Whip out your tape measure and get the inside dimensions of the door.
Measure and mark a sheet of cork purchased from your local craft store and cut away!
Spray one side of cork with adhesive and attach to inside of tote door. I used Elmers Craft Bond spray adhesive.
Now youll need 3 baby clothes pins. The ones I used are an 1 3/4 inches. Apply glue to backs of pins and adhere to the cork. I used Gorilla Super Glue.
Measure and place pins on inside of drawer. Remember youll want to be able to close the case so you can tote it around with you so, make sure to place pins where they wont compete with the label hardware on the drawers.
The case came with 3 cardboard drawer labels, but I wanted them to have some style. Spray adhesive on tag and place on craft paper. Trim, label and slip ino drawer hardware. I used two sided craft paper. Love this kind of paper. Its all about options.
Here it is. This was an unbelievable find! Its old for sure, but has never been used. It even came with its original price tag and instructions. Lot a good those did me. Ha! I guess they didnt get the memo that I would be using the case for a tag making tote.

Here it is. This was an unbelievable find! It's old for sure, but has never been used. It even came with its original price tag and instructions. Lot a good those did me. Ha! I guess they didn't get the memo that I would be using the case for a tag making tote.

Make your storage woes a thing of the past. Get yourself a handy dandy film slide case, dress it up, and take it to the party with you. If you do, you're sure to be the envy of all the other wrappers at the gala.

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Comments (22)

Lionessak writes: I absolutely love this project! I'm in love with boxes or any kind of luggage! This is too adorable. I love keeping things organized :)
Great job! Posted: 10:18 pm on April 18th
BlueBarnBird writes: I have been searching for one of these all summer. Saw it with jewelery in it at the Bach Display house. I would love it on my vanity with my vintage pins.. This is a great idea to. Guess Ill be on the look out for two of them... Posted: 9:42 pm on August 23rd
JunkArchitect writes: Look at that thing, it’s in perfect shape. It was meant to be your’s…amazing repurpose.

Posted: 10:46 pm on August 19th
ShuginBoots writes: Love! Love! Love! What a lucky find!

http://www.shuginboots.blogspot.com Posted: 3:48 pm on August 19th
byabpryor writes: too cute! Posted: 3:30 pm on August 19th
MakinItHappen writes: Dang! I almost bought one of those recently at Sally Army, but couldn't think of a use for it. I guess that's why Sue is an anagram for USE! Posted: 3:17 pm on August 19th
CottageElements writes: Another one of my favorite projects, we have to go back to 2008 in the archives. Made from a storage tote for film slides, Sue transformed it into a nifty tag maker tote. Sure would be nice and handy!

Lani Posted: 4:41 pm on August 18th
junk4me writes: This tag maker tote is a Vintage Barnett & Jaffe BAJA Slide Case Suitcase Style. I was looking for one to make for myself and found them on ebay.
I LOVE this Junkmarket style place it is now my favorite "hang out" spot.

Thanks for making a place for us junkers!!!
Diana Posted: 8:12 pm on November 23rd
CottageElements writes: Oh, to be so organized! LOL. (I'm not!) What a great little tote and perfect for your tags. It's always fun to find something in such great shape. You done good, girl, on this fab project!

Lani Posted: 6:42 pm on November 23rd
mschuey2 writes: Sue When I saw your storage tote I couldn't believe my eyes!
A couple of months ago I sold an identical box at Yesterdays Charm.HOWEVER,I now wish I had seen the visual you did before I sold it.I would be housing my own supplies in it right now.
Really nice!Mschuey2 Posted: 9:11 pm on November 22nd
MimiToria writes: What a great project, once again! Love this. It would so help me be more organized. I guess my studio must be like Geo's. You have to search high and low to gather everything in order to make something. Got to work on that problem! Posted: 8:42 pm on November 22nd
catbishop writes: Great find and creative use of it!


P.S. Love your book. Posted: 5:29 pm on November 22nd
paisleypenguin writes: Wow, this is a great find and a wonderful project. Can't wait to get out there and junk this weekend. Very inspirational Posted: 12:48 pm on November 22nd
Dolly3cats writes: WOW, I love it! Too clever! I'm not always blessed with the ability to think these ideas up, but I have been blessed with the ability to recognize a great idea and do it! I guess that is all that matters. Keep it up you guys! Posted: 12:22 pm on November 22nd
MyPetiteMaison writes: What an amazing finished product and what a wonderful find in the first place!

I will now be on the look out for something like this while out antiquing/junking! I need something to store all my craft projects... gee shipping items too. Who knows, maybe I'll find something today. Thanks for the inspiration, Sue.
~Tracie Posted: 11:28 am on November 22nd
suewhitney writes: Hi Guys,

It was a storage tote for film slides. I have come across these many times, but never one in this condition. Glad you like it!

Be well,
Sue Posted: 10:24 am on November 22nd
berton718 writes: Sue,
I LOVE this!! What a GREAT handy storage case!!! You are truly JUNKBLESSED!!! Thanks for sharing!! Love Berton Posted: 9:22 am on November 22nd
grandmaper writes: Wow, this is amazing, and to have it never been used before. I really love what you did with it. Posted: 8:51 am on November 22nd
biddy writes: Lucky Duck! I immediately went to ebay and typed in Baja everything. Drat!
Great job. I imagine it as a sewing tote, maybe with some dividers and turn the corkboard part into padded fabric to hold needles and pins.
Thanks for the great ideas. Some days I just don't have ANY.
Posted: 8:39 am on November 22nd
fellowjunker writes: UNBELIEVABLE SUE!!!! This is just awesome!! Listen, just a quick question if you by chance check the post......I just found an amazing old sewing desk (like none I've ever seen before!).........BUT........it looks to be veneer and it is peeling off in some parts, plus the desk is ++++++ musty. I don't want to buy it if it can't be healed with some TLC. Do you think there is hope for it? If I was to paint over the peeling veneer do you think it would look okay?
xojanis Posted: 9:28 pm on November 21st
georgiamoon writes: Wow... a place to put all your tag making materials. Wow... some people MAKE their own tags? I'm kidding of course but I really am amazed at anyone who has the time, especially YOU Sue. But I guess if you don't have to search the house for hours before collecting all the things you may need, it might be a little easier, and a LOT more fun. Super neato project...or should I say truly "Be - autiful"!!! love to you, Geo Posted: 3:36 pm on November 21st
LuAnn writes: Any idea what type of storage this was originally made from? Will have to scour looking for something like this--could be used for a multitude of objects.

Thanks again.

LuAnn Posted: 3:24 pm on November 21st
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