A Little Bit of History coming to JMUG "Fall Edition"

August 15th, 2011 in blog     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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I seriously can not wait to see this!!! Looks like some creative genius is going on to me!
Lee and Tracie during some down time. I understand they dont have much of that these days as they are one hard working couple!
They create large furniture with an industrial feel. What I personally love about their stuff is that it is industrial, but they know how to soften the edges just enough to make their furniture and accessory items work with any decor from country to modern and everywhere in between.
Sharpening stones are so very cool. The texture, the color, and the shape all add up to yummy!
They also know how to light things up!
Way cool!
You know me and my love for all things round. Remember, this is just the tip od the iceberg. Make sure to come meet  the Andersons at JMUG Fall Edition.
I seriously can not wait to see this!!! Looks like some creative genius is going on to me!

I seriously can not wait to see this!!! Looks like some creative genius is going on to me!

I had the pleasure of meeting these two almost a year ago when I was doing another show. They stopped in for a visit and asked if I would like to work with them...the rest is history. Ah,hahaha...no pun intended. After meeting me they sent some pictures of their creations, but they really had me at hello. I believe beautiful things are made by beautiful people....and these two are just that. They ran their booth at JMUG in March with their son (also delightful) and provided show goers not only with unbelievably creative ideas and product, but also with good old fashioned family warmth and kindness. It is with great pleasure and excitement that I announce their return to the greenhouse. I understand that they have been very busy crafting new items for this show so you won't want to miss what they have to offer. If March is any indication...their stuff is going to fly out the door. Thanks for coming back Andersons...I can't wait to see you! Hugs, Sue


This from the Dynamic Duo....


     Histories is an offering of home accessories and furniture. Bits and parts 
of diverse background uses are blended to create pieces that we hope will tickle 
you. Each piece has its own story to tell. Please take the time to look with 
your eyes,feel with your hands and listen to your heart,then you will know which 
piece belongs in your home. We are motivated by our love of architectual,industrial 
and primitve elements. 

Take a peek at the images below for a small sampling of what Histories is all about!


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Relic_Charm writes: I got to meet these two at Oronoco. Very nice couple and I can't wait to see there creations!!! They bought some nice hardware from me so it will be fun to see what they have done with it!!! Posted: 6:40 am on August 23rd
MimiToria writes: This family is one you do not want to miss. They create wonderful products and are top notch people. The best of it all! Stop in and see their newest creations. Truly an innovative team.
Gretchen Posted: 2:15 pm on August 16th
EmmasNookandGranny writes: I am trying to find a place for a sharpening stone in our home! Love it all!!

~Marge Posted: 4:46 pm on August 15th
RustyDiva writes: Industrial chic! Love it.
Posted: 7:51 am on August 15th
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