Commercial Dishwasher Racks --- Ideas???

August 10th, 2011 in member junk     
gadgetsponge Brian Carlisle, contributor
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I picked these up at a bargain and can't for the life of me think of what to do with them outside.  I know I could make mounted shelves out of them stacked, but I was wanting to do something more original.  I like to cater to birds, but that's not a requirement.  Unleash your ideas!!!!  Thanks in advance!

The racks are 19.5" square and are almost 5" tall.

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TrashyGirl writes: Line with silk or tissue paper (color of your choice) with rope lights inside with an oval/round mirror centered on it attach to wall for soft lighting. Displays sit on top and hang necklaces from bottom. Place a container on either side of the mirror for accessories. Combs or plants. Imagination goes wild! Great find! Posted: 9:59 am on September 17th
gadgetsponge writes: Great ideas again! Thanks again folks! Posted: 10:04 am on September 3rd
BillyJo writes: Hang from the ceiling use to hang pots. mobile of collections, hang outdoors with chimes of metal pipes, license plates. The fine mesh I would hang from a tree to toss old bread, popcorn, fruit for the birds in the winter.
Good Luck, BillyJO
Posted: 8:11 pm on September 2nd
kmbees writes: I would use them as a jewelry holders, buy small hooks or make your own, hang your jewelry inside each drawer. Mount the baskets on the wall in your closet use one for earrings (fish hooks can just slip in over the mess wire) one for bracelets etc. Posted: 8:29 pm on August 18th
gadgetsponge writes: Boy, the ideas are buzzing now! Luckily I have four racks to try many things if need be. Posted: 10:43 am on August 12th
clarerose writes: I like the chandelier idea too and extending on that one could be a hanging planter with an assortment of terracotta pots or how about a suspended pet bed on the porch with a nice comfy cushion, could look groovy? Posted: 7:40 am on August 12th
ILikeItVintage writes: Nice Racks! I love the chandelier idea! They are so cool. Posted: 12:00 pm on August 11th
gadgetsponge writes: Great ideas folks! I like them. Keep 'em coming! Posted: 9:22 am on August 11th
EmmasNookandGranny writes: Oooo - I'd like the mesh one upside down (or not!) with legs as a table on my deck. Legs could be galvanized pipe with a flange on the bottom for stability. Great find!!

~Marge Posted: 5:56 am on August 11th
CottageElements writes: Love these...I could see so many practical uses for them, like Clara Rose said, using them just to store things. I could also see one hanging by a rope or chains as a chandelier with candles. Or you could put it on shelf brackets for use as a shelf. Again, love these!

Lani Posted: 8:36 pm on August 10th
clarerose writes: Oh, oh they are so nice. They would look so good as pull out drawers on old (new) purpose built wooden shelves indoors. They would have that old bakers rack look that I love. And they have just the right industrial look for interiors, sort of a waste to put them outside? I'm just imaging all the stuff I could store in them, I hate putting things away in cupboards where they can't be seen, especially collections :) Posted: 7:27 pm on August 10th
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