Blue Enamel Porcelain Clock Teapot Upcycled Bird House

July 6th, 2016 in member junk     
gadgetsponge Brian Carlisle, contributor
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It's easy to see why I picked this great old blue teapot. The porcelain enamel swirl design is very pleasing to the eye. After cutting the birdhole out, I started looking through the piles for a roof or lid for the top. I had been holding on to this dismantled clock for a while and to my surprise it fit the diameter perfectly. I had my roof! The clock still has all the guts underneath it. I used metal screws to hold it in place. These can be removed to pull the clock face up to clean out the nest each year. Next I wanted to address a rusted out small hole on the front so I came up with a "patch" and used a galvanized metal sheet piece that I color tinted. And then on to the awning over the bird hole. I cut a cup from a rain chain in half and mounted it on the front. A roughed up old cabinet/drawer handle made a fine perch. Where the spout is, I didn't want water to come in heavy on the birds when it rained so I mounted a copper plated bell hanger cap to cover the spout. A golf leaf piece from a vintage broach pin ornamented the handle. And lastly for the bottom, I found an old filigree metal dish for the base.

Here are the measurements...
Height: 9"; Width/Length (side to side): 9.5"; Depth(front to back): 9.5".

Pattern or design used: My own design - Brian GadgetSponge
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shamrockerin writes: I love how quirky this is- awesome! Posted: 7:29 am on July 29th
gggwilliam writes: Well done! Great job! Posted: 6:04 pm on July 6th
Mark Sindone writes: That's a beautiful marbled pattern on the teapot! And so lovely that you maanged to reuse it for a bird house! Much better that packing boxes with bird feed that I'm currently doing. I hope I can find a piece as lovely as this that I can convert too! Posted: 6:34 pm on November 23rd
morninglorri writes: Hello, I'm new to this site. Are your birdhouses for sale?
Posted: 8:05 pm on November 11th
TerrKell writes: Inspiring... Posted: 12:09 pm on February 4th
gadgetsponge writes: Thank you very, very much. It makes me happy to hear folks enjoying the pieces. Posted: 12:45 pm on August 16th
mom_inglife writes: all your creations inspire me and make me smile Posted: 11:45 am on August 16th
byabpryor writes: This is a great piece!
Posted: 5:56 am on August 4th
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