It may be junk, but it always "...yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither." Psalm 1:3

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Ahh, the finished product - now the challenge will be finding some unoccupied real estate in the house where these things can live...
Here are the seatless wonders as I found them, prime for revival.
I flipped both of the chairs upside down onto the edge of a scrap of 3/4 plywood and traced the outline of the seats.  After cutting out the plywood bases with my jigsaw, I traced their shapes onto a pad of 4 thick seat cushion batting and cut that out too.  Then I stretched some jute/burlap coffee bags over the top and staple-gunned them to the plywood.  Voila - seats.
This particular chair is the more elegant of the two, but whatever potentially elegant backing structure might have existed therein has been gone for who knows how long.  Solution:  find a dowel rod, cut two lengths to the proper vertical dimension, whittle the ends down so theyll fit inside the existing slots, then stain them with homemade Iron Stain (put steel wool in a jar of vinegar for about a week, then brush on some of the solution and watch the iron precipitate in the wood when the acidic vinegar reacts with the woods intrinsic tannins...or at least thats what I did).  I was pretty amazed at the color match with those dowels - all I knew is they needed to be sorta gray to match the aged wood of the chair, but they turned out perfect.
For the less elegant chair, I decided to pop some big ol furniture tacks into the cushion just for kicks.  I think I stripped them out of some old dresser thingy I found on the curbside a few months ago.
Ahh, the finished product - now the challenge will be finding some unoccupied real estate in the house where these things can live...

Ahh, the finished product - now the challenge will be finding some unoccupied real estate in the house where these things can live...

The good thing about "junk" is that's it's always useful to somebody.  These rugged wooden chair skeletons I found on the side of the road were undoubtedly broken, cluttered annoyances to someone - an afterthought.  For the junker at heart, however, they are budding branches - a bit twiggy, yes, but gravid with the promise of "fruit."

I did spend money on the seat cushion material for this project, but that's it - I happened to have scrap plywood, coffee bags, big furniture tacks, and a dowel rod lying around the house.  If I can help it, I'll never purchase said cushion material again 'cause it ain't cheap (I didn't even buy the foam type, which is even more expensive) - does anybody have any advice on making cushiony chairs economically?

Pattern or design used: My own design
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asalle writes: Awesome stuff. You need to post more pictures of more projects. I KNOW there's more! Posted: 7:57 am on March 5th
RustyDiva writes: Nice! Love the bold type on the cushions. Great choice. Posted: 11:37 am on August 1st
clarerose writes: I have watched this wonderful site for a while and have finally joined just so I can comment on your chairs! I am so glad you didn't paint them! So many people do and it is often the case, as with these gems, that they are better left to speak for themselves. Yummy, love them lots :) Posted: 6:44 pm on July 29th
Boni writes: I would be so tempted to paint the wood and add a touch of whimsy. Good job on the seats! Posted: 7:06 am on July 29th
gamecockchic writes: Oh, just wanted to say that I don't just leave the throw pillows on there. I use them just like you would foam. I cover them with whatever I'm using for fabric. If you use a pillow that's a little too big, you can pull it over the sides a little and staple it underneath. That keeps the edge of the plywood from digging into your leg when you get up from the chair. Posted: 2:22 pm on July 28th
gamecockchic writes: I use throw pillows I buy at thrift stores because they're usually $1, I can throw them in the washer with hot water and the thrift stores usually have them in every shape and size imaginable. They work perfectly! Your chairs look great!!! Posted: 2:20 pm on July 28th
PaintingIsMyPassion writes: These chairs look great. Imagine if the chairs were painted red to play off the red in the coffee sack fabric. Posted: 6:11 am on July 28th
KMcG73 writes: Great job! For relatively cheap cushion fill - I use the filling of chair seat pillows (the kind you usually tie onto the back of a chair). This time of year you can find even some thick sized cushions on sale in most outdoor living areas of supercenter stores. Posted: 3:31 am on July 28th
Funky_Junk_Donna writes: LOVE those cushions! They marry up the rustic chairs perfectly. Great call! I want some too. :)

Donna Posted: 12:58 am on July 28th
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