How to Make a Swinging Bed...

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suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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There is nothing like a mid-day nap on a swinging bed. Just thinking about it makes me smile.
First you need your main element. An old metal box spring from a vintage bed works nicely.
The heavy duty construction of the frame make it ideal for hanging. The springs put a little bounce in your bed.
Hi ho, hi ho, its off to the hardware store you go! Pick up some heavy weight rope, or you could use chain if you prefer, 4 threaded hooks, 4 threaded eye bolts, and 4 couplers.
The hooks are connected to one side of the coupler...
....and the eye bolts to the other.
Attach a length of rope to each of the 4 eye bolts and place hooks around the angle iron of the frame at all 4 corners. Poof...your almost done.
Time to hang her up. In a perfect world you have two strong young men like Bennett and Kevin to help you out. Today my world was perfect. I love when that happens. This bed is suspended from poles, but at your home you will probably have to add reinforcements of some kind to your ceiling. Each case will be different, so if you are not sure what to do ask your friendly hardware man or woman. They are very helpful! Or, of course you can reach out to your friends here at JMS. Were very helpful too!
Time to try it out. From the look on Bennets face he doesnt seem so sure about a bed with no legs.
Kevin on the other hand seems quite comfortable!
Make your bed up with some cozy linens.
When your bed is up and swinging put a nice tray on it and a good book. Then you can lounge about and hope that some nice person will bring you snack after your nap or possibly breakfast in bed. One can always dream...especially on a swinging bed!
There is nothing like a mid-day nap on a swinging bed. Just thinking about it makes me smile.

There is nothing like a mid-day nap on a swinging bed. Just thinking about it makes me smile.

Sometimes projects just seem more complicated than they really are. Yes, you can construct a fancy schmansy swinging bed with detailed plans and power tools or you can implement a piece from the past in the blink of an eye I opted for the latter. Just get "er done!

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MirandaShaw writes: Lovely! My sister is gonna love it Thanks for the tips. Posted: 1:46 am on June 7th
gggwilliam writes: That's awesoeme! Posted: 2:57 pm on September 2nd
StrongMove writes: A little oasis I'd love to have in my garden! Posted: 2:30 am on August 19th
StrongMove writes: A little oasis I'd love to have in my garden! Posted: 2:29 am on August 19th
clarerose writes: I just have to say DITTO to all RustyDiva's comments :) Posted: 4:54 am on August 23rd
RustyDiva writes: I would LOVE one of these!!! The colors are to die for Sue. We have so much blowing dirt here that it would have to be stripped down after use but it would be sooooooooo worth it! Gorgeous!!! Posted: 12:47 pm on July 25th
suewhitney writes: Hi All...

Thanks for all of your nice comments. Did I forget to mention the mattress? Ooopsie, bad. T^he mattress is a double and fits perfectly on this frame. Some frames are double and some are 3/4 bed frames. If you are making a swinging bed the double mattress will work on most of the 3/4 frames, just a little tighter squeeze....but to make sure always measure first! Have a great day!

Be Wll,
Sue Posted: 5:20 am on July 18th
Truffles writes: Did I miss the part about the mattress??? Also, in the 2nd picture, it looks like the springs are only on part of the frame... I want to get this right when I build one of these. ;-) Posted: 4:57 pm on July 17th
sandyrae writes: If the swing beds a rock'n.....
well you know the rest. Great project!
sandy Posted: 3:39 pm on July 17th
SnowmanHill writes: I love this bed. I want to make one of these when we put a screen porch on the cabin. Great pics and colors.

dana Posted: 2:38 pm on July 17th
Prior writes: i love this bed, and all the colors you have chosen, Lezlee Posted: 10:47 pm on July 16th
DonnaG writes: I love this. This would be a fabulous place to curl up and read, Donna. Surrounded by mosquito netting of course. Posted: 3:25 pm on July 16th
JunkArchitect writes: Could I ever go for a nap on your hanging bed right about now...under a tree, listening to the birds, the smell of grass...aaahhh. I almost forget the Corona with lime.

Beautiful project.


Posted: 1:14 pm on July 16th
Funky_Junk_Donna writes: Oh Sue... I'm dyin' here. If I had a massive wrap around veranda on my house like I once did, I'd most certainly make one of these up! Maybe even with a high back so it would be a swinging lounger, how cool would THAT be for reading? Love it!

Gorgeous photoshoot. Wow.

Donna Posted: 10:43 am on July 16th
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