Happy 4th of July to All

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suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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The Coleman cooler rides on the back. Fill it up with goodies and take a leisurely ride down a back road and find a spot for a good old fashioned picnic.
Here is the label we are all familiar with. I still ride an old school Schwinn. Imagine that!
Coleman. Another good old friend!
My picnic place settings include used restaraunt dishes and vintage linens.
Of course, I had to include a door knob!
The red and white napkins with rope and moss add the perfect punch!
A vintage thermos set is along for the ride too!
Now this is what I call a set of wheels.
The bike came with all the bells and whistles. Ah,hahahaha!
Im sure this license is outdated.
And here she is...a bike I would be proud to ride to celebrate our nation. Once again...Happy 4th of July!!!
The Coleman cooler rides on the back. Fill it up with goodies and take a leisurely ride down a back road and find a spot for a good old fashioned picnic.

The Coleman cooler rides on the back. Fill it up with goodies and take a leisurely ride down a back road and find a spot for a good old fashioned picnic.

Here is a little picnic idea to celebrate the day! In my opinion, this is bike perfection! It's a three wheeler made by Schwinn some time in the 1960s and it still rides like a dream. This baby is truly too cool for school!

I have to say I was happy as a pig in mud when I saw this little beauty and I needed to share it with everyone! Here's hoping your picnic celebrations are fab....have fun!!!

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Comments (14)

PlentyPlace writes: Dear me. This is the cutest EV-ER! I love the way you think, girl!!! Posted: 8:46 am on July 27th
LloydsLandingofSears writes: Love that bike and what you've done with it. It'd be great to take it on a ride in the neighborhood and deliver some lovely beverages to share along the way, and maybe even some refreshments too. I love my neighbors! ~Mary~ Posted: 5:14 pm on July 6th
GrandBear writes: LOVE the bike and I also think it's too special that the cooler not only fits...BUT IT'S GREEN!! GREAT JOB...but of course you already know that...you must create in your dreams. I always enjoy seeing what you have come up with. HAPPY FOURTH!!! Posted: 2:02 pm on July 4th
LittleRedHen writes: My favorite part . . . THE BELL! :-)

The next coolest part, is reading everyones comments and how it brings them to really great places. (What do you need reminding of?)

Thank you for sharing!

Happy 4th! God bless America!


Posted: 9:37 am on July 4th
doggbo writes: LOVE IT! LOVE IT!!!! Posted: 4:07 pm on November 17th
jroll1005 writes: I love your bike. I think bicycles are great for garden decor. You have given some ideas with your bike that I will use with my creation. I call the project I am working on the garden bike. I bought a vintage bike for five bucks at a yard sale this past summer. I am going to strip of anything not metal, and weld some plant holders on it. I may also put a trellis on it for a rambling rose bush. I will take some before and after picture of it and share them with everyone. Thanks for sharing your magnificent bike with us.

John Posted: 6:25 pm on November 3rd
chloeescabin writes: Amazing! Love it!! Posted: 3:11 am on October 12th
Flowers writes: Love that bike & everything that you did to it. My sister did a simular thing with her bike that was in the garae from previous owners. She was'nt sure how to plant flowers in the side baskets. I told her to use brown paper bags. Turned out very cute!!! Posted: 5:28 am on July 17th
alicemom writes: Pedal on down under. We will have an Oz. Barbie!
Too cute.
Alice Posted: 8:33 pm on July 13th
Romak writes: Hi Sue.

My names is Roma and I collect gears and gear molds or patterns for the museum of gears project: www.geararium.org

I was wondering if you have any gear patterns for sale or trade. I keep some interesting antique items of various themes in case if somebody would like to trade them for gears. I would like to trade with you or any other artist. Please, let me know. You can send some pictures of gear patterns you might have to museum's e-mail address.

Thank you.

Regards, Roma. Posted: 8:12 pm on July 8th
Heavenly_Treasures writes: SUE,
That arrangement is as cute as a bug.What a neat creation.Just love it. GOD BLESS ROBERT. Posted: 7:25 am on July 8th
georgiamoon writes: OMG I can just SEE you now... pedaling around the lake looking for the perfect place to spread out you tablecloths and have a little picnic. It IS quite a picture! What a darling bike and the cooler is perfect. Just adorable! Is there room for Lilly too? Love this idea, Georgia Posted: 7:13 am on July 8th
JunkArchitect writes: I love that bike! It's crazy how the Coleman cooler fits so perfectly and almost matches the color of the frame. Your photos remind me of when we would ride our bikes to the park for a picnic when we were kids.

Hey, I'm having a crazy day so pedal on over and we'll down WHATEVER is in the Thermos...quick!

Posted: 12:18 pm on July 7th
RustyDiva writes: WOW!! That bike is gorgeous. American Pickers would be so jealous that it's in such pristine condition. You done good lady! Love all the special little touches! A+++

Kenda Posted: 8:43 am on July 7th
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