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JunkArchitect Jim Healy, editor
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The famous “Simple Simon and the Pieman logo was hand painted and then lightly distressed to show their age.

I went a little crazy with the concept. The top of the frame is designed to resemble the landmark orange roof and louvered cupola that was meant to draw you in as you cruised by at fifty-five.
A vintage coaster becomes signage and an old cocktail stirrer turned weathervane. 

The Fried Tendersweet Clams look pretty darn good. Im not too sure about the Beef Burgundy with Noodles...kinda BROWNISH!

Old-fashioned chicken pot pie, generous turkey dinners with mashed potatoes and ice cream made with TWICE the normal butterfat content of other brands. 

Don’t forget your portable defibrillator...CLEAR. Say goodbye to your gallbladder too!
In the late 1920s the first restaurant opened in Quincy, Massachusetts.
Too bad it’s gone. I could go for one of those butter infused frankforts.
Painting the graphics.

Menu cover.

My inspiration came from the Motor Lodge roofline.

“Pan fried boneless rib steak” with all the fixings…for $1.99! You could have eaten five of them for less than $10.00...then had your stomach pumped.

I think their secret was butter…tons and tons of butter and tartare sauce.
It was drawn on a piece of paper tablecloth of all places.
Experimenting with colors.

The famous “Simple Simon and the Pieman logo was hand painted and then lightly distressed to show their age.

The famous “"Simple Simon and the Pieman" logo was hand painted and then lightly distressed to show their age.

Photo: Jim Healy (copyright 2011)

I designed and built a frame to feature a 1960s Howard Johnson’s menu. My goal was to create a piece that looked original to the era.

As a little kid HoJo’s was my favorite place to eat. How could you not love their fried clams, hot dogs cooked in creamery butter that would infuse into the meat (very healthy) and HoJo Cola. I loved the place, which made it a piece of cake (coconut layer cake according to the menu) to come up with a conceptual design.


Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Jim Healy - Junk Architect (copyright 2011)
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joeyone writes: So amazing...brings back so many memories of going there for lunch with my grandma in the sixties...back home in Poughkeepsie! Loved the waitresses in their uniforms bustling around! Posted: 7:44 am on July 28th
chippingcharm writes: Wow, wow, wow!!! Speachless... Laurel :) Posted: 7:27 pm on July 5th
chicvintagetreasures writes: Nice job! I love your attention to detail. I always look forward to your projects :)

Posted: 5:29 pm on July 3rd
suewhitney writes: Jimbo....This may just be my favorite of all your posts. I was a huge fan of Ho Jos as a kid so this brings back many fond memories.
Be Well, Sue
Posted: 7:35 am on July 3rd
itsnotjunk2me writes: jim, i love your concepts...crazy cool! i do remember ho jo's especially when traveling cross-country on family vacations. we probably stayed in a motor lodge once or twice too. i love the fact that you can whip up a concept drawing wherever you may be. (glad the tablecloths were paper!) and btw, my friend uses that term, "livin' the life baby", it made me smile.

Posted: 8:48 pm on June 29th
JunkArchitect writes: Junqueartiste, I'm right-handed. I paint both end letters first then fill-in from the middle out...probably means I'm nuts. But it's always centered! Honestly, most times I can hardly remember the process because I'm so absorbed in the moment. When something clicks I have to sketch it out or write it down because sometimes it doesn't click twice.

Thanks everyone for all the positive comments.


Posted: 8:12 am on June 29th
SwampTreasures_com writes: I can remember when it was just Plain Howard Johnsons, until Our Generation Duped as HoJos. Sorta like Mickey Ds.
Nice Work Jim! Posted: 4:18 am on June 29th
junqueartiste writes: I remember HoJo's very well! Love this creation (and the great prices). BTW, just a guess, but are you left-handed??? As a lefty, I noticed that your painting of letters appears to be from right to left, so as not to smudge the lettering. Posted: 9:40 pm on June 28th
gamecockchic writes: This is great! I'd never even heard of HoJo's but I still love it! I LOVE your creations! Posted: 6:16 pm on June 28th
SnowmanHill writes: Sweet frame, another awesome job by the "Amazing Jim". I love to design, but wish I had your skills. I am always blown away by what you come up with.

dana Posted: 5:32 pm on June 28th
TinTinJunkFan writes: Amazing! What a great tribute..I love how you did the roofline and coaster embelishment. Brings back memories...I'm getting a craving for fried clams! Posted: 10:13 am on June 28th
racers7 writes: Very Retro and brings back memories! You rock! When I left for college in the 80s there was a HoJo right by our college that us students would frequent, then they closed by the early 90s. I just loved that place and the one on interstate 95 in Delaware where my parents always took us. Melody Posted: 9:03 am on June 28th
sandyrae writes: Jim! Where on earth have you been? I check JMS several times daily waiting for one of your amazing creations and let me tell you, they are too few and far between.
This one is so cool that it just might hold me over until the next.
Being from Iowa, Hojo is unfamiliar to me. Big Boys was the diner of choice here. But all the same those memories of true diner food came flooding back.
Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
Sandy Posted: 7:29 am on June 28th
LisaLoria writes: Interesting commission for sure. Well done as usual. Loving those colors and the shape and angles rock! Posted: 7:19 am on June 28th
birdcolor writes: This is awesome. It definitely looks like it is 50 years old. Great job! Posted: 5:59 am on June 28th
georgiamoon writes: WOW! Talk about a trip down memory lane...I didn't even think I remembered Ho. Jo's so well, but it's all coming back to me now. I used to see those orange pitched roofs all along the highway. I think we had one of the last one's here in town. They tried to paint the roof blue and change the name but the orange roof kept coming through and it always looked like just what it was. Anyway, what an amazing job you did with this frame, it looks EXACTLY like it came off the wall in the front entrance of one of the restaurants...I can almost SMELL the butter! I don't know how you do it Jimmy, but It's always a blast to wake up to one of your projects.
Georgia Posted: 5:38 am on June 28th
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