Happy May Day!

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suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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Tulips and Gerbs will put a spring in your step even if youre experiencing inclement weather.
Im a big fan of old flashlights and these three are awesome!
First I took the tops off. Theyre cool pieces of junk all on their own.
Flashlights are not water tight so dont try filling them with water. You could tackle the water issue several different ways. I taped some plastic on the inside with Gorilla tape and then filled the flashlight handle with floral foam. You could also probably find a narrow glass cylinder at a craft store and slip inside.
Using some twine I attached the tops to the flashingligts for some bling effect. I also duded them up with some springs, keys, and other miscellaneous doo-hickies! Its all in the doo-hickies!
Yep...it sure is!
Time for flower power.  I chose Tulips, Gerbs, Cherry Blossoms (love!), and twigs.
Stick the stems right in the floral foam.
Cover the unsightly foam with moss or a moss alternative.
Enjoy as a single....
Or in a grouping!
Tulips and Gerbs will put a spring in your step even if youre experiencing inclement weather.

Tulips and Gerbs will put a "spring" in your step even if you're experiencing inclement weather.

Oh the weather outside is frightful....but it's still May Day. Put a smile on the face of someone you love today!

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Comments (21)

suzziebee writes: Hi everyone, This is my first time here and i am having fun just looking through all the wonderful creative stuff. I would like to put my vote in for Donnas idea of FleaStyle. Suzziebee Posted: 7:59 am on March 13th
Heavenly_Treasures writes: SUE,
What you can come up with is something else It looks like a FLAPPINGWING FLEA TO ME.A stong amagination on how to do a junk project Thats the way I see it. Them legs it could be a roadrunner,HA HA.GOD BLESS ROBERT. Posted: 4:39 pm on February 22nd
Heavenly_Treasures writes: What you come up with . Posted: 4:33 pm on February 22nd
jamminjunk writes: Has anyone said "Flea for All" yet?

Jammy Posted: 1:15 pm on February 22nd
leesee64 writes: Love all the names so far!
Here are my ideas:
1. "FLEAPURPOSE", the repurposing flea!
2. "FLEACYCLED", the recycle flea!
4. "SCRAPPY" the flea
5. "THRIFTY" the flea Posted: 11:57 am on February 22nd
frillseeker writes: the scrap pile of aluminum and iron up behind the barn will be definitely smaller this year, due to this incredible, crafty site...just when you wonder what someone will think up next, you need a name for a FLEA!?!?!? How 'bout Fleada Mae. Sounds real country an' sweet. Posted: 9:35 am on February 22nd
Junk4fun writes: OK, how about Fleabites or Fleabits. (since it is small and gives ideas)

Posted: 8:38 am on February 22nd
MimiToria writes: My vote would be for "Fresh Flea" - Fresh as in Spring and Fresh as in your ideas Sue, they are always so creative and Fresh (New and original).

Posted: 8:30 am on February 22nd
ShabbyGardens writes: First, I adore the flashlights; what will you think of next?!

Second, my submission to the name contest is: Rusty Rex or just Rex by itself. Posted: 6:54 am on February 22nd
KMcG73 writes: Ok one more - "Flip the Flea" - 'cause we all flip for junk! Posted: 5:13 am on February 22nd
junk_grandma writes: Love the flashlights -- Love everything you make.

How about:

Flea-licious! Posted: 9:08 pm on February 21st
Fjerda writes: Okay, I am partial to the Flew-sy or Flew-see as a Pfarkel it seems to fit. But, others have had wonderful suggestions too! Posted: 8:44 pm on February 21st
EmmasNookandGranny writes: Love the flashlight vases! Anxious to see your other flea-ideas. Would those be flea-deas or flideas?

Fleasa is my suggestion for the mascot name. I like Flewsy, too.

Marge Posted: 6:54 pm on February 21st
LuAnn writes: Well racking the brain but here's 1 suggestion:


LuAnn Posted: 12:46 pm on February 21st
BlueBarnBird writes: Bee a flea - To particiapte in treasures under glass
Bee U ta Flea - The glory of treasures under glass
Biograph Flea - The story of treasures under glass :)

Posted: 12:06 pm on February 21st
birdcolor writes: Free ideas for Flea Market Finds?

Posted: 11:24 am on February 21st
RustyDiva writes: Of course I love the first cousin name to Rustydiva - Rusty Flea.

Here's a long one "Adren A Lynn Flea" (get it?)

Posted: 10:33 am on February 21st
TinTinJunkFan writes: Ah...spring! ah..love the flashlights!

1. Fritz (things go on the fritz, become junk, only to
be transformed into treasures...)

2. Floy (as in "boy oh boy!" when some good junk is found)

3. Glee the Flea (glee! as in junker heaven!)

Actually, I like Rusty the best from FunkyJunk Donna and Jim Posted: 10:14 am on February 21st
Funky_Junk_Donna writes: Ohhh the flashlight idea is adorable!

As for the flea? I'll give it more thought and come back if I get a brainstorm. But thus far, I think Rusty is pretty darn perfectly junkafiable. :)

Ok... got one. FleaStyle. :)


Posted: 8:55 am on February 21st
KMcG73 writes: Oh what fun - for both the name contest and the flashlights ideas!!

How about:
1)Fiddle-Dee-Dee the Flea
2)Fidget the Flea
3)Frolic the Flea
4)Flyte the Flea

Also (because I've now had my caffenine ration for the day!): Fixious and Forte Posted: 8:16 am on February 21st
Meadowview_Farm writes: How about:
1. Flea Fi Fo Fum
2. Sweet Flea (aka Sweet Pea)
3. Flea-osophy
4. Flea-de-lis (vs. fleur-de-lis)
5. Flourish

Love a game of words.
Kari Posted: 6:33 am on February 21st
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