Slightly Sophisticated Coop Lighting

February 3rd, 2011 in blog, member junk     
JunkArchitect Jim Healy, editor
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Re-imagined junk.

All wired up and ready to shine.

BEFORE: Chicken feeder
Galvanized, rusty, chicken farm…ya just can’t go wrong.
Brackets from the salvage yard. They kind of resemble chicken feet.

An assemblage of random components.

A scrap of brass pipe holds the light socket.

The lamp is given a softer feel with the addition of wooden brackets.

An old spring and Bakelite plug add vintage charm to the cloth cord.

You know you’re going nuts when you start to dwell on repurposing a chicken feeder. That’s what happens when your house is surrounded by 50 feet of snow.

Re-imagined junk.

Re-imagined junk.

Photo: Jim Healy - Junk Architect (copyright 2011)

What you do with a chicken feeder when you don’t own any chickens? Well I could go out and buy a few but that constant pecking freaks me out a little bit. Anyway, I flipped the thing over, added brackets and repurposed it into a lamp.

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Jim Healy - Junk Architect (copyright 2011)
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Comments (16)

Born_in_a_barn writes: nice job Posted: 1:16 pm on February 23rd
junktiquegirl writes: are the! i love everything you cool. i have one of those little chicken feeders and i'm looking at it in a different light. ha ha :D Posted: 9:48 am on February 23rd
GardeningJunky writes: Love the lamp Jim! So, what do you think people do when they aren't stuck inside all winter?? Posted: 9:15 am on February 23rd
FleaMarketTrixie writes: What a cool lamp, I love it! Posted: 9:44 am on February 16th
RobJ98167 writes: Once again Obe Wan You have made a great lamp Posted: 9:11 pm on February 7th
oldnews writes: SO Cool! Love the lamp book idea! I'd buy it!! You should give it some thought while trapped inside with 50 feet of snow! Don't want to rub it in, but it was 80 here in California yesterday! Marie Posted: 6:39 am on February 7th
KMcG73 writes: In the words of my 10 year old: "Wicked awesome!!" Posted: 5:52 am on February 6th
auctionjunkie writes: And Jim knocks another home run out of the park. I especially like how the lamp's feet look like the front three claws of a chicken's foot.

Sorry for the lack of posts/comments, but I've been busy trying to get a shop built. As you know these things rarely go according to schedules. Posted: 6:16 pm on February 4th
CottageElements writes: Jimbo, another amazing lamp project. Funny how the last two contributor posts were items originally used for "yucky" things and turned into great "junk"! Now wouldn't that be an interesting coffee table book! LOL! You always bring it on and challenge us. Still thinking about a trip to Italy...but then someone mentioned Turks and Caicos. I'd actually take either. Anything is better than snow and cold!

Lani Posted: 11:27 am on February 4th
NDJunkGirl writes: FUN! You're just being a smarty-pants now! Ha! I'm digging this galvanized piece of farm junk turned lamp is splendid.

I am totally feeling your pain regarding the snow situation! It's a crazy thing what our minds can think up when we are snowbound. Stay tuned.

-Andrea Posted: 11:04 am on February 4th
itsnotjunk2me writes: another amazing lamp by jim the junk architect! you're creations are too cool for school but i LOVE the old school feel about them. ie: cloth cord w/bakelite plug.

i just want to know where i can find these galvanized (love!)chicken feeders?! i only see them on blogs.

i second the book idea w/ would sit right on my coffee table for all to see.

judi Posted: 10:52 am on February 4th
RustyDiva writes: are truly the lamp guru! Brilliant job.

Kenda Posted: 9:04 am on February 4th
chippingcharm writes: Now this is a new idea for a chicken feeder...leave it to you Jim...LOVE it! Laurel Posted: 8:11 am on February 4th
SnowmanHill writes: This is so cool. I love metal feeders, great repurpose. Posted: 5:39 am on February 4th
Meadowview_Farm writes: Well -- might I just say, brilliant use of a chicken feeder.
Just clucky!
Kari Posted: 4:54 am on February 4th
Funky_Junk_Donna writes: LOL at your choice of words!! I LOVE it. And I'm waiting to see your entire lamp line in a book one day! That would be an amazing read.

Donna Posted: 11:39 pm on February 3rd
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