The Flea Market Under Glass is Just Around the Corner...March 3 - 5, 2011

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suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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Youll find pleny of natural and white product at the show to put you in a festive spring mood!
The event....
 .....the skinny!
Oodles of indusrial and handcfated cool will be showcased.
Well be taking an organic approach to gardening with....
...A touch of whimsy!
Worn just keeps getting better with age!
Lots of baubles for the gals produced by a handful of amazing artisan jewelers!
See what I mean?
Oh man....the one that got away! Well have some very sassy vintage and designer second hand clothing...not to mention boots, shoes, and accessories. Well have you looking good!
Ahhh....the beautifully made soft goods to go along with the hard wares. No pun intended!
Come join us for all of the March madness merriment....youll have an ab fab time with your old pals and youll most likely meet and make new like minded friends. Were all one big happy family! See you there!
Youll find pleny of natural and white product at the show to put you in a festive spring mood!

You'll find pleny of natural and white product at the show to put you in a festive spring mood!

Spring Comes Early to Otten Bros. Garden Center and Landscaping

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Let’s face it ….winter is just plain long, and harsh in Minnesota. By the time March rolls around, people are more than ready for spring even though there will most likely still be a foot of the white stuff covering the ground. For most of us March is the worst part of the winter season. We’re ready to get out and get gardening but the weather just won’t oblige. Otten Bros. Garden Center and Landscaping has decided to do something about this dilemma. 

In late 2010, Otten Bros. formed collaboration with Sue Whitney of JUNKMARKET Style (JMS) in an effort to create a fresh and innovative approach to gardening and outdoor living for 2011. Sue’s latest book, JUNK Beautiful, Outdoor Edition and her continued contributions to Country Gardens Magazine makes this partnership with Otten Bros. a natural fit!

Garden centers, as we all know, are seasonal businesses. We decided that this year we’d get a jump on the spring season.  We firmly believe our customers will be keen on this idea as well. Our answer to the March blues is to turn those frowns upside down and create a bit of March madness of our own in the world of gardening. 

During the winter, our beautiful 15,000 square foot greenhouse lies cold and dormant.  What a waste!  With a bit of brainstorming, we have decided to combine Otten Bros. gift for gardening with Sue’s talent for stylish recycled garden décor.  Voila! Otten Bros. and JMS announce the first ever of its kind, Flea Market Under Glass, Thursday, March 3rd through Saturday, March 5th.

We’ll be heating up the greenhouse so that all who attend can break out their shorts and flip flops and feel like spring really has sprung! Top notch flea market vendors, landscape experts, birding authorities, and plant professionals will all be on board making this the full meal deal spring event of the year.

Otten Bros. will showcase outdoor product that’s piping hot for spring 2011 along with pansies, to-die-for succulents and other plants to whet your spring whistle. Fairy gardens & terraniums are as popular as ever so expect to see the latest in those trends. We’ll even show you how to throw a little “junk” into your fairy gardens & terrariums. Our experts from birding to landscaping will be present every day to help guests with all their gardening and outdoor living needs. 

JMS and the best flea market vendors from Minnesota and the surrounding area will converge for the occasion.  Shoppers will be sure to uncover some uncommonly good treasures in this not so garden variety selection of junk. As it should be, reuse and recycle is all the rage right now. This group of vendors, led by JMS, was living the green life long before it was popular, so you can expect to find the very best from this group of seasoned veterans. There will be plenty of vintage finds for your garden and outdoor living spaces. Even if you’re not the outdoorsy type, there will be plenty of goodies to take away for your home decor!

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EdieMariesAttic writes: Awesome! Sherry Posted: 3:23 am on February 26th
pjjunker writes: Just picked up my copy of Flea Market Style...LOve it! And would love for the junking events to move WEST.... Posted: 6:32 pm on February 24th
Flowers writes: I am planning on being there! So excited!!So tiered of snow...need to see some spring!! Posted: 3:12 pm on February 23rd
greencricket writes: Oh, I can't wait. This is worth the trip from Madison for sure.
-beth Posted: 5:38 am on February 15th
FOUND_AnnArbor writes: Garden center + flea market style - What a great collaboration! Wish we were closer... Posted: 8:26 am on February 9th
MossyLady writes: That's our Can-Do-Sue for you. She'll even take on the Minnasota winter and come out on top. Go, Sue! Posted: 11:48 am on February 8th
Cherwood writes: Cheryl and Woody with Junk Devotion are in! We've paired up with Queens of Chic for a junkalicious booth. Looking forward to an awesome time!

Cheryl Posted: 12:05 pm on January 30th
EmmasNookandGranny writes: Emma's Nook & Granny (hey - that's me!!) will be there, too. Thinking burlap, galvanized, sheet music, rusty iron, chippy paint and great friends. Can't wait! Posted: 1:51 pm on January 23rd
chippingcharm writes: All my "faves" in one place...can't wait :) Laurel Posted: 1:37 pm on January 23rd
suewhitney writes: Hi Ladies,

This is going to e fun! Cheryl ....I left you a message. Give me a call! Rita ...would love to see your stuff! {lease email me at so tat I can get in touch with you!

Be Well,
Sue Posted: 11:13 am on January 23rd
chicnantique writes: Rita's CHIC N ANTIQUE
I just set up my account this morning....
This is such a "Golly Geeeeeeeee"!! Idea.
I would also like to inquire about being a vendor for
the event???? I have 2 brick n mortar shoppes, but would
love to try this venue for Fun!!! thanks, Rita Posted: 9:39 am on January 23rd
Cherwood writes: Sue - Are you still looking for vendors?

Cheryl Posted: 6:21 pm on January 22nd
MimiToria writes: So excited for Spring! This show will be a wonderful way to beat the Minnesnowta blues. :) Can't wait, and yes for sure, I plan to be there. Posted: 7:14 pm on January 20th
Fjerda writes: Junk [re]defined by the Pfarkel Sisters will be there too!!
Let's think spring and no more snow!! We are going to bring some chippy white, etc. so we do not need white outside. Posted: 12:39 pm on January 20th
CottageElements writes: I'll be there with bells on! Can't wait! Great time to have it, and love that it's in a "green house"! I'm ready to see a little green and very tired of all the show!

Lani Posted: 2:20 pm on January 19th
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