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There are three parts, ranging from about a 24 diameter down to a 6 diameter. 
The bottoms have a kind of cone...
...that fit into the hole in the center of the next larger piece.
There is cool Asian-motif detailed carving all around the top edges.
The sides look like this.   
There are three parts, ranging from about a 24 diameter down to a 6 diameter. 

There are three parts, ranging from about a 24" diameter down to a 6" diameter. 

Pulled this out of a neighborhood trash heap yesterday.  I have no idea what it is.  Once "assembled" it wouldn't work well for a table.  I can't identify its intended purpose...can you?  Would any of you like to define its REpurpose for me?

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rustinpeace writes: Thank you galynn! Do you have any great ideas for it now :) ? Posted: 6:10 pm on February 1st
BillyJo writes: Its a 3 tier lazy susan. I bought mine overseas in the late 70's Billy Jo Posted: 5:20 pm on January 23rd
galynn writes: What you have is a 3 tier lazy susan. I had one just like it, I got mine in Hawaii in 1970. You are missing the center dowel that also had a base attacked to it, and was carved for each of the tiers to sit on. The lower/largest tray had 4 triangular bowls that sat in there. On top in the small tier is suppose to be a pineapple (carved wood) with removable 'spoons' that went in the top of the pineapple, to form the pineapple leaves. It was always a piece I enjoyed, and worked great on a buffet. Posted: 1:02 am on January 23rd
rustinpeace writes: I like the new ideas, MIH and Marie. Hopefully they'll show up again soon with new identities. Posted: 7:36 am on January 14th
oldnews writes: It looks like the largest one might make a wonderful clock face. The hole is already there for the clockworks to fit through. Love the cloche base idea too. would small bowls or plates fit in them for use a serving pieces, with maybe toothpicks in the small one? Hard to tell without seeing them in person, but they probably have many possibilities. Good luck, and I hope you show us what you come up with! Marie Posted: 7:22 pm on January 13th
MakinItHappen writes: Yes, I also think it's a three-tiered snack server, missing the center dowel. You could use the parts as picture frames for some favorite photos. I would use them as bases for cloches. I'm sure there are many other uses. Posted: 7:52 am on January 13th
rustinpeace writes: Thank you Marie. I considered that possibility, but in person it's completely impractical for use as a table, as the margins are tiny and the embellishments make it unsanitary as well. Maybe a snack table for nymphs or fairies? Any repurposing ideas? Keep em coming Marie! Posted: 1:21 pm on January 12th
oldnews writes: We had something similar in our shop. It had a dowel-like piece that went through the middle that each piece sat on that made it a 3 piece tower. It was for snacks for entertaining. Marie Posted: 9:15 am on January 12th
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