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January 11th, 2018 in blog, member junk     
JunkArchitect Jim Healy, editor
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It reminds me of the Parthenon, except green…and smaller.

I’ll admit it, the shade is brand new. Flea market shades seem to always have stains and smell like cigarettes.
What in the world are you doing when you create a stain on a lampshade?!

Dirty old spindles...but now I see them in a different light.

Why am I infatuated by such a pathetic looking piece of steel? 
Anyway, I snipped out a couple squares to cover the top and bottom of the spindles.
Doorknob escutcheon, copper pipe and vintage looking cord.

When you group spindles together they don’t appear so spindly...my design tip of the day.

It reminds me of the Parthenon, except green…and smaller.

It reminds me of the Parthenon, except green…and smaller.

Photo: Jim Healy (copyright 2010)

Don’t make fun of me, but I built another lamp. And this one was completely by accident. I bought a pile of old, wooden spindles and had no idea what I would EVER use them for. Y’all know that feeling when you bring some junk home and say to yourself…WHAT THE...! So I bundled them up and acknowledged my lapse in junk judgment. The thing is once they were all bundled together I could immediately visualize a lamp!




Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Jim Healy-Junk Architect (copyright 2010)
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Comments (16)

Emily_FOUND_Gallery writes: I'm fairly new to the site and just came across this lamp - it is AMAZZZING! (With three "Z's" because it's that awesome!) What an eye you have - would never have thought to do this, but am glad to see it!

Posted: 11:44 am on February 21st
sunnyintexas writes: Love all your lamps. I am new to the junk market. I have learned your are one of the most creative junkers on this site...keep up the creativity!

Posted: 6:47 pm on January 29th
AtticusFinch writes: Don't you love how things come to you in the most interesting way.

I have to tear it apart and then it comes to me how I should put it back together.

Talent and Wit what a combo.
Sheri Posted: 7:53 am on December 24th
Junkpony writes: Another great lamp, Jim. You're the King of Junk Illumination! I don't understand how lampshades get stained either, but I probably wouldn't want to know. Posted: 12:12 pm on December 23rd
KMcG73 writes: Ok - for some reason only half my comment posted - so here goes take 2!

LOL for the green, smaller Parthenon comment - and very unique and creative for both the lamp and the captions! Posted: 7:06 am on December 23rd
KMcG73 writes: "It reminds me of the Parthenon, except green Posted: 7:02 am on December 23rd
georgiamoon writes: Jimmy, you blow me away! Another fantastic and classy lamp. Your house is looking really elegant with your upscale junk projects. It has been fascinating to watch the evolution of your style. We all change and grow as we create, and your creations are becoming even more sophisticated. Now, your sense of humor hasn't changed much..but we like it just the way it is...you crack me UP! Love this one too, Georgia Posted: 11:58 am on December 22nd
CottageElements writes: Jim, you truly are the "King of Lamps". Ha! But we love each and every one of them. You and your projects are amazing and we so honored to have you share your talent with us. And like each of your projects, you are definitely one of a kind. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

Lani Posted: 8:23 am on December 22nd
NDJunkGirl writes: LOL! Love your "Design Tip of the Day"! Hilarious! Love the lamp, of course. You're definitely the Lamp King, so keep 'em coming!

-Andrea Posted: 2:12 pm on December 21st
roadtriplouise writes: I would never make fun of you making lamps as everyone you make are awesome! Happy Holidays! Posted: 7:42 am on December 21st
shabbychick writes: Jim...thanks for shedding some light on my dreary weather day (cloudy and getting ready to rain/snow I think...)!

I LOVE the lamp - the color of the spindles are fabulous - and you've put it together with great architectural style - as always!

I'm with Colleen - I buy the raggedy/stained ones and use the frames...(maybe for a rag lamp???)


P.S. We'll never make fun of you for making lamps.... :) Posted: 6:26 am on December 21st
Funky_Junk_Donna writes:
LOL!!! At your wit, not your lamp. Wait.. LOVE the lamp! Nevermind. :)

You're crazy fun and talented all in one. Thanks for the major eyecandy and the laugh.

Donna Posted: 11:06 pm on December 20th
oldnews writes: I love this lamp! You just keep them coming cause I never get tired of seeing what comes next! Marie Posted: 5:38 pm on December 20th
greencolleen writes: hi jim another great lamp ;). where do you get your vintage looking cords ? and since i have had some stained lamp shades i will defend them ;). had a ceiling leak, but i suspose it could be a wild party . also i buy old shades for the frames some are pretty dang cool.and i cut off the ickie plastic/fabric Posted: 3:17 pm on December 20th
RustyDiva writes: I won't make fun of you but I am concerned over your lamp fetish. Is there a support group for lamp fetishes? Oh I think I heard about a new show that highlights folks with obsessions ~ maybe you could get on there.haha Just kidding Jim, this is one cool lamp! You cracked me up with the shade stain comment ~ what WOULD one be doing to get a stain on a lamp shade???????? Great project!

Kenda Posted: 2:39 pm on December 20th
Heavenly_Treasures writes: JIM,
What a master piece and I mean that.I think lamps are your thing. Great job and you are really blessed with talent, You have a nice christmas enjoy your designs very much.GOD BLESS ROBERT. Posted: 1:03 pm on December 20th
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