"Handy" Wreath Hooks

December 14th, 2010 in blog, member junk     
chippingcharm Laurel Putman, contributor
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Perfectly chippy...
Also fun year-round to feature artwork or mirrors in place of the wreaths.
I layered these wood pieces under-neeth, just because.  I love the layered look...clothes and junk ;)
And of course she needed her accessories...
And here you see one of the lovelies in a place of honor next to my Christmas tree.  I think Im almost done decorating...no, Im done.  I need to just stop or Ill be decorating until the big day! 
I love to see what everyone else is doing at their house for Christmas. 
I love to see what everyone else is doing at their house for Christmas so I added a few more pictures of what Ive got going, just incase youre interested...
The mantel...
We have fake trees...as per my hubbys request.  So I sneak in real greens wherever I can.  These are actually little potted trees...and they are still alive, thats a Christmas miracle for sure!

I found these chippy old handrail brackets a couple of weeks back.  It was "love at first sight".  My first thought was to use them as they were intended...just because they would look much cooler than the boring hardware we have holding our handrail now.  But then I decided they would be better featured as handy hooks for a couple of wreaths in my livingroom. 

Pattern or design used: My own design - Laurel Putman...Chipping with Charm
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CottageElements writes: Great job on this, Laurel! I have two I know somewhere. Have to start digging them up. Your house looks amazing! So can we have a support group meeting at your house? For Christmas? LOL!

Lani Posted: 8:55 am on December 22nd
chippingcharm writes: Thanks everybody...sorry Jim, I only have 2 so far and they are hanging on either side of that there window :)
Guess we'll have to start that support group next year ladies, sounds like we all blew it for this year...haha! I did finally clean the pile of decorating supplies off my dining room table though. I'm thinking maybe that will stop the "madness". Merry Christmas everyone! Laurel Posted: 4:09 pm on December 20th
TinTinJunkFan writes: Very very nice, what a great use of those brackets.. Posted: 12:49 pm on December 16th
southern_salvage writes: Love, Love, love the hand rails. They go to the top of my shopiing list. Thanks for sharing. Linda Posted: 5:45 am on December 15th
Heavenly_Treasures writes: LAUREL,
I like them Brackets you used.I had some and sold them to a lady. What a neat idea. They are very inspiring.You have a nice CHRISTMAS. GOD BLESS ROBERT. Posted: 8:29 pm on December 14th
JunkArchitect writes: Wow Laurel, the bracket is so cool. And it does make the perfect junky hook. I can think of a ton of other uses too...how many ya got?


Posted: 6:32 pm on December 14th
shabbychick writes: Laurel - I love chippy AND handy - great combination. And, what a perfect use - thanks for sharing!

I'm a Christmas decorator gone crazy too - Is there a support group for that???

Merry Christmas my friend!

Kathy Posted: 6:26 pm on December 14th
KMcG73 writes: Chippy handrails are going to be at the top of my flea market "to look for list" this weekend!
(PS - I'm right there with you RustyDiva, I'm like both you and Laurel, if I don't stop now, I'll still be decorating Christmas morning!) Posted: 5:10 pm on December 14th
SemperNova writes: Love these! They're a great idea for your wreath but they could be used for so many other things!
Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas! Posted: 12:56 pm on December 14th
georgiamoon writes: Ooooh, I really love this idea. I can see a million different things hanging from them..perfect for the wreath!! I want some of those, thanks for the inspiration, Georgia Posted: 12:05 pm on December 14th
RustyDiva writes: Oh Laurel....you're a woman after my own heart! I will be decorating right up until Dec. 23rd and will only quit because we will head out of town on the 24th and I'll have to pack. hahaha Wonderful idea for the handrail brackets! Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

Kenda Posted: 10:20 am on December 14th
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