A Christmas Wreath with a Junky Welcome!

December 3rd, 2010 in member junk     
CottageElements Lanette Lorsung, editor
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A little sneak peek at some of the embellishments I added.  Im hoping they do speak home when people walk through my door!
I started with this Sue inspired and designed wreath made in an oval shape.  Love that!  And the mix of greenery was stunning!
Some clock parts from Sue (via Kathy), would be just what the clock doctor ordered for this wreath.
And this tree wrap would be the perfect bow.  Thanks to Sue for the idea via her Home for the Holidays class. 
The clocks I would be adding are pretty heavy so some good wire would be in order.  I twisted them around part of the clock to help keep it in place.
As its hanging on the front door and my daughter has a tendancy on slamming it...oops...I made sure the wire was wrapped good and tight.
Some pieces, like this clock face, were light enough a good hot clue sufficed.
A little bit of this, and a little bit of that in clock parts were a perfect mix.
 And here we have Big Ben. 
And then theres Baby Ben. 
Im not very good at ribbons (to say the least).  And with a little trial, and a lot of error, I finally came up with something I thought worked.  I felt it needed more than just the white ribbon, so I scrounged around and found the chubby rope and large key, along with the Home tag. 
Welcome to my home!  Now to get the rest of the Christmas decorations up!  Got to run.....
A little sneak peek at some of the embellishments I added.  Im hoping they do speak home when people walk through my door!

A little sneak peek at some of the embellishments I added.  I'm hoping they do speak "home" when people walk through my door!

After another recent visit to Otten Bros. Garden Center, and I picked up an oval wreath that Sue designed for them.  With some added embellishments I hope it brings a "junky" welcome to my front door.

Pattern or design used: My own design - Lanette of CottageElements.com
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roadtriplouise writes: Great wreath, love the added embellishments. Happy Holidays! Posted: 5:40 pm on December 6th
CottageElements writes: It seems "time" this year is more the theme for a lot of people as funds may warrant it. I never really thought of that when I put it together, but I love this sentiment. Thanks for reminding us all of this. I may even add something that shares that on the wreath. Thanks!

Lani Posted: 10:08 am on December 5th
alicemom writes: Lani,
what perfect timing for sure! Love it.
smiles, alice Posted: 7:42 am on December 5th
vanj2558 writes: You are awesome!!!!!!! Vanessa Posted: 4:12 am on December 5th
oldnews writes: Beautiful as always Lani! Marie Posted: 2:13 am on December 5th
chippingcharm writes: Looks great Lani...a warm junky welcome indeed :) Laurel Posted: 6:18 pm on December 4th
JunkArchitect writes: What a beautiful wreath. And very inspiring considering I'm going the minimalist route this Christmas. Just going to pull out the best Christmas junk and leave the rest in the box for next year. Thanks Lani and Happy Holidays.


Posted: 4:57 am on December 4th
masmail writes: Beautiful wreath. This year, taking the emphasis off of money, I am giving the gift of "time" to my friends and family. What a fun way to wrap up that whole theme! Posted: 5:49 pm on December 3rd
makinthemostofit writes: It's perfect. Very creative! Posted: 11:21 am on December 3rd
Bec4 writes: Love it--so creative and unique! Posted: 8:51 am on December 3rd
RustyDiva writes: Wonderful wreath Lani! You jazzed it up just right - gorgeous greens.

Kenda Posted: 6:52 am on December 3rd
georgiamoon writes: Lani, it sure looks like it's "TIME" for Christmas at your house! What a beautiful wreath. It's very welcoming to anyone coming to your door. Happy Holidays to you and your family, Georgia Posted: 6:14 am on December 3rd
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