Finch Handmade Cage

November 6th, 2008 in member junk     
vecernice vecernice, member
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I decided to make a new original cage for two finches of mine and used old basket, picture frame and some crochet skills to create whimsy environment for my two birds.

Pattern or design used: My Own Design
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missenorita writes: Oh... if I were a bird... Id love to come live there! Very creative! Posted: 10:45 pm on November 29th
vintageval writes: Oh, how cleaver!! i love it. the birds are the envy of all their bird friends!! Posted: 7:07 pm on November 19th
shabbychick writes: Eva, I like their names - They're probably so happy living in such creative surroundings!

I see in your profile you're in New the City? My daughter lives in Hoboken - just across the river - "almost" neighbors! :) We were in NYC in August - such a great place to visit!

Kathy Posted: 10:46 pm on November 12th
vecernice writes: Dear Kathy,

we called them minies for some reason. They are both boys but love each other very much. I was told that they do not need female and are very happy just like that. My doves on the other hand are called Venda and Amalka - those are all Czech names.

Have a wonderful week

Eva Posted: 8:43 pm on November 12th
shabbychick writes: Vecernice - welcome to the JunkMarket!

Love your bird cage - it's so creative and cozy looking for your birdies. They're so lucky to have their own custom-built home. What are their names?

Kathy Posted: 8:41 am on November 10th
suewhitney writes: Hello Everyone,

Wanted to make sure everyone got the change to take a look at this amazingly creative project. I love the mix of materials and I'm sure the birdies are very happy in their new beautiful home. Congrats on a great project Vecernice and welcome to the site! We're all glad you're here.

Be well,
Sue Posted: 7:26 am on November 8th
KimberlyMelamed writes: I am sure any bird would be pleased as punch to be living in such a beautiful environment, surround by someone who appreciates them as much as you do. Posted: 4:37 pm on November 7th
vecernice writes: Thank you all for such a warm welcome. Iam very happy to be here, have so much to learn from all of you.

I know keeping birds in cage is not the happiest place for them to be but I can tell they like it so far. (I am sure they would like to be outside that cage more often) There is actually drawer underneath for their seeds and water. The drawer is made of original cover for the basket and a piece of wooden stained frame just glued to the cover.

I love birds, have two diamond doves as well in much bigger cage and really there is nothing like sitting in my room listening to them sing.

Wonderful weekend to all of you Posted: 2:53 pm on November 7th
georgiamoon writes: Oh I adore this birdcage. It is more like a piece of furniture... it fits right into your house. Do you put their seeds and water through the little side holes? I have a beautiful blue and white parakeet in my shop and I love the little sounds he makes...I call it his happy talk. His name is Blue Moon, but his house is not cute like yours. Love this, Georgia Posted: 1:46 pm on November 7th
MimiToria writes: Lucky little birds!!! The finch cage just flows so well with the rest of your decor. Great idea!
Gretchen Posted: 11:55 am on November 7th
AtticusFinch writes: How sweet. What won't we do for our pets. Love the scene in the back. Posted: 11:27 am on November 7th
Dolly3cats writes: Those are real birds in there? I suspect they don't know how lucky they are because they're on the inside looking out and can't see how fancy their house is! Very, very creative! Posted: 11:02 pm on November 6th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: How adorable! And you're crochet skills are great.

Love the jar on top too.

Welcome to the site!

Candy Posted: 9:24 pm on November 6th
junktiqueboutique writes: I don't even have a bird but I'd like to have a cage like this. So Cute!! Posted: 8:23 pm on November 6th
LuAnn writes: Very cleaver!!


PS Welcome to the site Posted: 7:58 pm on November 6th
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