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November 6th, 2008 in member junk     
georgiamoon Georgia Terrell, contributor
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I want to cover this board with the center of this tile.

I want to cover this board with the center of this tile.

Hi all. I need some advice on how to cut the center out of this tin tile. How can I save the edges to make a frame or mirror or whatever with the leftover outside piece. I have tin snips but how do I get started in the middle? Is there a power tool that I can use? help me...geo

Pattern or design used: My own design
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georgiamoon writes: Damon, you're a sweetheart, but another sweetheart beat you to it. My neighbor had the perfect tool and he did a beautiful job. Not sure what it was as it was just finished and in my truck when I got in this morning. I'll be posting the projects really soon. Thank you all for the great advice! Love it, georgia Posted: 1:37 pm on November 7th
CottageElements writes: Hi, Geo. I love tin, and this looks extra fab. I love the idea of using it as a frame. I, like you, usually leave them as is, but did frame a couple of them up for the Junk Bonanza. It wasn't as hard as I thought! I'm starting to love power tools! Be sure to take a picture of both projects when you're done!

Lani Posted: 9:15 pm on November 6th
italianpeasant writes: what i do is drill a start hole, then put the saber saw blade in the hole & cut it out :) Posted: 6:45 pm on November 6th
fellowjunker writes: Hi Geo
Beautiful piece!!! There is a small attachment you can get for a dremel which would do the trick--it is a small circular cutter that cuts easily through metal. You could trace the board design on the back of the tile then start cutting away (use a metal ruler to cut against to keep your line straight)--that way the frame you are left with will be in one piece without any denting. Can't wait to see your resulting projects.
xojanis Posted: 4:51 pm on November 6th
kopykatkim writes: If you are going to put a hole in the middle of it and then cut it will you have enough to put on that board? If so drilling a starter hole should be all you need to do. Then are you going to cover up the cut? This is a fabulous piece of tin. Can't wait to see what it turns into.
Kim Posted: 4:35 pm on November 6th
shabbychick writes: Georgia, What a wonderful piece of tin, and the outside of it would make a great frame.

I would think that tin snips would work. (maybe some attachment on a dremel tool, too...?) I looked up some instructions and it recommended "aviation snips" for sheet metal and tin - they sounded like they are stronger, and cut easier (and maybe would make a nicer cut - not sure) - I'm gonna check the hardware store (I've got some tin to cut too...) - it'd be nice to have something that cuts easier - so we don't wear out our pretty little hands!! (but, regular tin snips might be just fine too...) I think you'd need to drill a starter hole and then start cutting. You've probably worked with tin before, right?? Be sure to wear gloves - no need for any battle scars!! :) (That's it for my "uneducated" assistance!!)

Have fun and be sure to share your final creations!!

Kathy Posted: 3:57 pm on November 6th
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