wonderfull good find this week.

November 5th, 2008 in member junk     
ultrajunk ultrajunk, member
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Hello Everyone..been away for awhile with some bad times. But this week was a good one as i found and bought all these antique wooden gear molds in a old school gym that has been closed for along time. The yellow one is over 7 foot tall and the others are all diff sizes. Now i have to figure out what to do with all them. Just can't pass on a good deal.

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Junk_Sophisticate writes: Damon ~ You're in Akron?!!!! That IS close by and I lived and worked in Akron in my early 20's...Highland Square, North Hill, etc so I'm very familiar with the area. Wow! Small world.

Yes! I am very interested in seeing your gear molds and possibly purchasing a couple. Please email me to discuss: junksophisticate@yahoo.com and feel free to send your phone number if that is easier to discuss by.

Thanks so much! Will I be able to see that workshop of yours?? No pressure. ;)


AtticusFinch ~ The headboard idea is actually from Sue's book Decorating JUNKMARKET Style which is like my bible. That gear mold photo still sticks out in my head.

Posted: 12:01 pm on November 7th
AtticusFinch writes: Golly Moses...what a haul. I do like the stacking as a table base with glass on top.

Oooh Candy, I don't have your vision of headboard but sounds fabulous. Cool. Posted: 11:51 am on November 7th
CottageElements writes: Be still my heart! My mind is racing and what I could do with them. Lucky you! Hope things are starting to look up for you. Take care!

Lani Posted: 9:35 pm on November 6th
kopykatkim writes: I am truly jealous, what an amazing haul!!!!! I can't wait to see what you do with them. I hope things are better for you now, junking is a great stress reliever.

Kim Posted: 4:43 pm on November 6th
georgiamoon writes: Whoa Nelly!!! What the??? You found All of these in ONE place. I had never even seen one until I read Sue's book! Is this a regional thing where they have plants (meaning factories...I know they don't grow them) that make gears? We possibly don't have these in California. I can only imagine the thrill you must have felt when you saw all of these incredible, fantastic, gear molds. I think I might have an attack of some sort. Palpitations perhaps? Great find and it seems like things are looking up. I pray that they are, Georgia Posted: 2:10 pm on November 6th
csudderth writes: OMG--what a find! I didn't buy one when I went to the Junk Bonanza and have regretted it ever since. You're not anywhere near Oklahoma are you! LOL Hope things are going better for you now.
Christy Posted: 12:45 pm on November 6th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Sorry to hear you have been going through some bad times but my goodness!!! Talk about extremes! I would be jumping for joy right now!

If you're anywhere close to NE Ohio I know someone that would be a happy buyer if you're interested in resale for a couple! That would be ME, ME, ME!!!

Jumbo headboard is what I envision.

Posted: 11:03 am on November 6th
shabbychick writes: WOW! Those are amazing, and can't wait to see what you come up with.

Hope things are better for you - some good junk does usually help (and all of that is definitely over the top!) :) Take care.

Kathy Posted: 9:49 am on November 6th
KimberlyMelamed writes: Hi there UltraJunk, We were wondering where you ran off to. Glad your back and hope things are turning around for you. With all these amazing gear molds they must be! I have some major junk envy going right now. That yellow one is unbelievable!

To Better Times,
Kimberly Posted: 9:34 am on November 6th
suewhitney writes: Welcome back...we've missed you. I truly hope all is well now. What an amazing find! You are a junker after my own heart. I am fascinated with gear molds. As soon as the sun comes up I'll try to post a picture of the room divider I made with mine.

Be well,

Posted: 7:35 am on November 6th
junkinhart writes: Oh, what a find!!! I've been looking for a few of those myself!

Doesn't a good treasure find just help the bad not seem so bad?

Can't wait to see what you do with all those!! Mimitoria put one on her wall as it with other pictures and it looks very nice....table top......chandelier (with vintage christmas ornaments hanging off of).......OH MY OH MY!!

Have fun,
Cindy Posted: 6:23 am on November 6th
LuAnn writes: Hope everything is ok now. What a haul!! Table tops are an idea. Let's see pics of the finished projects.

LuAnn Posted: 4:47 am on November 6th
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