How To Build a Pumpkin Person

October 31st, 2010 in blog, projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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Hello darling! Im all dressed up for the Halloween ball this evening. Care to join me? It promises to be divine.
This is me before I pull myself together for an evening on the town. Pish, posh...Im a wreck. My lamp parts in one corner, my clock parts over yander, even my head is not attached. Oh, dear! I have some work to do!
First... I must put on my neck. This lamp part will do jus fine. Fabulous! Looks like my attendant needs a manicure. Ive been on her for months!! She will never be invited to upper crust events with nails like that. What is a girl to do?
How about a pretty little collar? This orange one is too die for.
I do swear...if my head was not attached Id lose that too. Oh, wait! Its not attached. Id best attend to that immediately.
Now its time to put on my face. My eyes are my best feature.....and my only! I find that the pumpkin men like me better without a mouth. No idle chit chat.
Every pumpkin princess needs a tiara.
A  little fluff for my tiara is mandatory for special occassions. They taught me that at finishing school.
Oh, my, my! I must put on more mascara. What would the fine pumpkin gentlement think if I left the house like this?
Well, I think I am ready to dazzle the boys.
My carriage is waiting...I must be off! Have a smashing Halloween.
Hello darling! Im all dressed up for the Halloween ball this evening. Care to join me? It promises to be divine.

Hello darling! I'm all dressed up for the Halloween ball this evening. Care to join me? It promises to be divine.

Gather the kids, gather the junk, and make some sassy little pumpin people. No dangerous carving tools required. Te He!!! You can make them and take them apart to make more or you can use Gorilla Super Glue to make the bodies a permanent fixture. Any way you slice it, you and the kiddy poos will have a junkingly good time. What's that you say? I don't have any young children. No worries. This is also just good clean adult fun!

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chippingcharm writes: Way too cute Sue! I loved all your little pumpkin friends at AAJMS too. So very clever :) Laurel Posted: 4:22 pm on November 1st
RustyDiva writes: I would say she's fit for a ball! A Halloween ball! Gorgeous eyes!!!

Kenda Posted: 1:37 pm on November 1st
alicemom writes: I need your make-over artist! You look darling for the evening out! Happy Halloween!
smiles, alice Posted: 7:47 pm on October 31st
junkermidge writes: She looks spectacular! How can she not have a great night on the town? Great post!
Midge Posted: 6:01 pm on October 31st
Prior writes: aww, she's just a little pun'kin Lezle Posted: 5:25 pm on October 31st
junktiqueboutique writes: I love the pumpkin girl even if she is a little sassy. Manicure???? I don't think they could get the glue, dye, paint, varnish & whatever off my nails. hahaha I don't know what part I like the best on her, they all just go together perfect. Happy Halloween. Posted: 2:22 pm on October 31st
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