Let it Snow...let it snow...let it snow

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shabbychick Kathy Stantz, contributor
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Hail, hail...the gangs all here! 
This little guy is looking quite dapper in his scarf of vintage ticking, with a little Santa button to top it off.  And some Scrabble letters show you what hes made of!!
This couple is just golden...well at least theyve been sprinkled with some gold (glitter!).
And as for couple #2, they were a match made in heaven...well alright - a thrift store find (vinegar and oil cruet on a wire stand).  You can see the look on their little faces - it was love at first sight!
Each one has a little scene clipped from a used Christmas card (yep, I keep those too), with some snow sprinkled inside, a sprig of fake evergreen to add to the scenery, and then I dropped a few colored beads to look like theyd fallen off the tree.
A sugar shaker and a mason jar are best buddies!  I used one of those old calendar towels and cut out the month of December to decorate the front (some Mod Podge did the trick).  On the back is his name Mason! :)
Atop the bell hat of the sugar shaker is a little vintage mini-me!  Hes so darned cute!
I had a couple (undecorated) rag trees that I made a few years ago - and they never sold, so thought I should give them some age and embellish them just a bit...  I sprayed them with coffee to rust them up a little.  And, then added jewelry and beads to one, and some old raggedy string and buttons to the other.  I glued them onto an old candleholder and turned a metal vase upside down to give them a lift!  I think it worked!
A raggedy snowman beneath a raggedy tree (Do you think his name is Andy??)...
Heres a little lady with some real class...her custom made fur collar is the height of fashion (well, she thinks so anyway).
And, brrr...its cold in Ohio too!!!  This is a little silvery candelabra and some snowman heads from a garland that had fallen apart, and a few Scrabble letters so these guys can give us a weather report - pretty accurate too!!
Just a little ol drawer (becomes a shelf/shadow box) and a bit of this and that - a nice holiday display.  And a new spot for me to decorate too!  Woo hoo!
Hail, hail...the gangs all here! 

Hail, hail...the gang's all here! 

Here are some of my Christmas creations.  Terri and I did a craft show a couple weeks ago, and we had some fun making snow people out of vintage and thrift store bottles.  We used styrofoam balls for the heads ("dipped" in snow/glitter), and decked them out with buttons, jewelry, fabric, etc., etc....  The sky is the limit!  They all turn out so differently - and have their own personality.  I've got a few left, so I'm thinking they will become Christmas gifts for a few people on my list!

We sold quite a few - they just kind of make you smile.  At the show someone wanted to buy one (out of a "couple" that I had made), and I told her that I really couldn't separate them because they'd known each other for three weeks, and that they had fallen madly in love...so I'd hate to separate them.  So...she bought both (sales tactic or truth???...I say truth!!)!  Tis the season..............

Hope you're all having a wonderful holiday and enjoying the season!

Take care, Kathy


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Comments (13)

CottageElements writes: Kathy, looks like you had a ton of fun making these! Like Janis said, adorable. And like Jim said, I want to see a big rag tree!!! Next year?

Lani Posted: 8:28 am on December 22nd
shabbychick writes: And, then we'll trade, right??? :) Posted: 8:12 am on December 20th
JunkArchitect writes: Oh shabbychick, now you're in trouble. Ya better start saving your rags because I'm gonna build a RAG LAMP!


Posted: 7:46 am on December 20th
shabbychick writes: OK - a tutorial will definitely be coming your way! :)

Thanks again - and Jim...I'll do a full-sized rag tree if you do a rag lamp!! :)

Mery Christmas!

Kathy Posted: 6:43 am on December 20th
Maudy writes: I would luv the tutorial on the rag trees also Maudy Posted: 2:02 pm on December 18th
IPlayOutsideTheBox writes: Simply adorable!! Posted: 6:24 am on December 18th
JunkArchitect writes: You're so creative! The little rag tree has such a vintage Christmassy look to it. I'm thinking a full-size rag tree would be amazing...no pressure.

Merry Christmas!


Posted: 4:33 am on December 18th
shabbychick writes: Thanks for your comments ladies! It's so much fun giving the snow people their individual personalities. I can definitely do a tutorial on the rag trees (stay tuned...it will probably be an "after holiday" post - maybe one with a Valentine theme...hmmmmmmm).

Sherry - hope to see you - let me know when you're headed south (after the snow is gone I'm sure). Sue - I'd love to talk about a casual sale!! Maybe we can talk or get together after the 1st.

Bev, I use Gorilla Glue Super Glue and also hot glue for the embellishments.

Merry Christmas!!!

Kathy Posted: 3:46 pm on December 17th
bev1955 writes: Hi Kathy, I love them and make them too.. what glue do you use to put on all the adornments? Posted: 2:49 pm on December 17th
Sue_Sullivan writes: Kathy, I saw some of these at French Hen Farm and liked them. I lurve yours, too!!!! Adorable little guys and gals! You must have been saving bottles forever. tee hee... Snow? Don't even go there. My snow blower ran out of gas after I did the drive the first time yesterday morning, so I was out shoveling the darn thing last evening! My shoulders are not liking me today. ouch
I need to call you. There's an opportunity to do a "casual" sale here in the early spring. Interested? Christmas huggies to ya, my friend~ Sue Posted: 1:42 pm on December 17th
KMcG73 writes: Oh my merry goodness how precious!!! I too want a tutorial on the rag trees! Posted: 12:46 pm on December 17th
Sherry writes: Hey Kathy, I hope you have a great holiday. I can't wait to come back to Ohio to visit Debbies store and SoBo Style. You're christmas snowmen are adorbable. I love snowmen. You can keep them out all winter. Michigan is just as cold as Ohio.. Posted: 11:09 am on December 17th
RustyDiva writes: Kathy, too cute! It's like playing doll dress up but with bottles! No snow here but I'm headed to Santa Fe NM where I hear it's snowing as we speak! Can't wait ~ hitting the road as soon as I post this comment. Have a great week-end!

Kenda Posted: 10:01 am on December 17th
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