A Simple Grate for some Great Vintage Photos

October 5th, 2010 in member junk     
CottageElements Lanette Lorsung, editor
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I loved the elements of this piece and the price was right.  A mere $9!  Couldnt beat that now could I!
It was constructed of four sections held together by thick metal o-rings.  I cant take credit for putting it together, but whoever constructed it, must have known it would be used for such a purpose. 
And I love vintage family pictures and the stories they tell.  Ive used them in other projects and theyd be perfect to display on this piece.
If youve followed Sue for any length of time, youll know she loves using these office clips on her projects.  Theyd be perfect to use on this one.
And it all fits together perfectly. 
I can now display a picture of my Dad as a young boy.  Isnt he cute!
And if you dont want to use it for pictures, how about keeping important cards handy by the phone.
Now you dont have an excuse not being able to remember important dates or phone numbers, now do you.
And heres another little unabashed self-promotion and plug for the next Art + Architecture, JUNKMARKET Style event coming October 13-17.  Check out the details at www.aajms.com.  Wed love to have you come!
I loved the elements of this piece and the price was right.  A mere $9!  Couldnt beat that now could I!

I loved the elements of this piece and the price was right.  A mere $9!  Couldn't beat that now could I!

I purchased this piece at a local sale, not knowing what it originally was or what it was used for, but knowing it was a great piece.  And I knew exactly how I wanted to use it...to display vintage family photos.

Pattern or design used: My own design - Lanette of Cottage Elements
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jodygale writes: I love this idea! My daughter is a freshmen in college and had so many pics that she wanted to display. We found an old fisherman's net at a garage sale and she bought some wooden clothespins and has a great wall display at school. You all inspire us so often. Thanks junker friends. Posted: 5:03 pm on October 10th
Debra writes: Love this idea! You have inspired me to be on the look out for something similiar:)
Blog: capersofthevintagevixens.blogspot.com Posted: 8:59 am on October 8th
RustyDiva writes: Awesome find! So many uses - enjoy repurposing it over and over again.

Kenda Posted: 7:55 am on October 8th
JunkArchitect writes: I have to agree with NDJunkGirl that it would look amazing in the middle of a table. And what a great partially rusted finish. I actually prefer partial rust over completely rusted...I'm babbling. Hey, can you join all four sides together and form a base...for something?


Posted: 4:40 pm on October 5th
54girl writes: This so cool!!!I LOVE the old pictures on it but I agree with Andrea it would be fun at Christmas also. Love it!! Mary Posted: 1:19 pm on October 5th
shabbychick writes: Lani - I agree with Gretchen - amazing and so easy too!! I love it!

Kathy Posted: 12:18 pm on October 5th
NDJunkGirl writes: OR hang Christmas balls from it or X'mas cards...oh boy. Sorry...I'll shut up now!!!!

-A Posted: 11:50 am on October 5th
NDJunkGirl writes: This is right up my alley! Would have been fun to use for my son's graduation party to hang pics from!

You GOTTA use this on your dining room table at Christmas time and hang mini wreaths from it or glass holders with FRESH greens in them...both sides! LOVE!

Andrea Posted: 11:36 am on October 5th
sandyrae writes: I agree completely with Gretchen! Posted: 11:17 am on October 5th
alicemom writes: Lani,
That is adorable or should I say a grate-able! It really a super simple "anybody can do " project!! Thanks for the inspiration.
smiles, alice Posted: 10:25 am on October 5th
byabpryor writes: Aren't you the little creative designer. I love it Lani... hey am I detecting a trend... you and metal? LOL Another great piece! It all fits together perfectly.

. Posted: 7:59 am on October 5th
MimiToria writes: Lani-
You have the ability to find the uniquess, easiest, coolest and most useful JUNK of anyone I've ever known. You continue to amaze me...
Love the simplicity of this project and how you had the vision to turn it into a wonderful vintage photo display with a few clips and photos. Now this is something anyone can do, but yet so awesome.
Great photos and presentation as well. I for one, am once again impressed.
Gretchen Posted: 7:37 am on October 5th
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