Make it Pink for My Sis

October 31st, 2008 in blog, projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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This penny doll was a birthday gift from our good friend Georgia. I didnt know what I would do with this little beauty at first, but I think this is a perfect home for her. Thanks for the inspirational gift Geo!
The garden has been planted and the fairy reigns over it with a gentle spirit.
Small terrarium plants found at your local greenhouse are ideal for this project. I like to use a variety of colors and textures.
Some other things you will need are an old tin candle sconce, a tin coaster, vintage jewelry and buttons, a penny doll, and some stoppers for making paper flowers. Have some fun with selecting your garden goodies!
Start things off by lining the inside of your sconce with sheet moss.
Plan placement and transplant the terrarium plants.
This is the garden before the fairy moves in. If you have any holes between plants, fill em with moss.
Before adding embellishments, water your garden and let drain. Place garden on an old tin coaster to catch any additional drainage.
Make wings by tying a bunch of flower stoppers together with lightweight string. Clip ends of string after tying.
Once the wings are assembled, glue them to the dolls back. Look she has wings. Fly little fairy, fly!
After the fairy has landed in the garden, add your baubles and buttons. The earring represents a flower and the pink button a gazing ball.  The pin? Just because its pretty!
And there you have it! One little fairy in a garden of greenery.
This penny doll was a birthday gift from our good friend Georgia. I didnt know what I would do with this little beauty at first, but I think this is a perfect home for her. Thanks for the inspirational gift Geo!

This penny doll was a birthday gift from our good friend Georgia. I didn't know what I would do with this little beauty at first, but I think this is a perfect home for her. Thanks for the inspirational gift Geo!

I chose to do a fairy garden for several different reasons. First of all, Jean loved to garden--or least she liked the planting portion. As I recall, she was superb at getting someone else (me) to do the inevitable weeding! Second, she was a tiny bit of a person with a sprite-like personality, so the penny doll truly reminded me of her. Lastly, she brought joy to everyone around her and I will feel that joy every time I look at this garden. This one's for you Jeanie, I hope you like it!

Many thanks to the members of Craftstylish and JUNKMARKET Style for participating in this challenge. If we continue to fight, a cure will be found. God bless!

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Comments (14)

doggbo writes: God bless you.This is truely beautiful. Posted: 10:35 am on November 5th
jade25 writes: SO beautiful.. I lost my big sister to breast cancer in 2002 and in 2000 another sister died from a brain tumor. I think about them everyday and I'd love to create something like this for the two of them. I know that right now they are in heaven with Jesus having the time of their eternal lives! Posted: 9:40 pm on December 6th
mltbkr writes: I wish one day I can come across a penny doll. This is such a beautiful tribute to your sister, it's so tender and it brought on tears. My Ma past away last June 07 this is such a beautiful idea. Come summer I will keep this in mind for my garden in honor of Ma. Thank you and I'm truly sorry for your lost.

Mary Lou Posted: 10:56 am on December 6th
OWATONNA_GIRL writes: I agree with all of the above. What a beautiful angel to remember your beautiful sister. I knew of Jean here in Owatonna. When I read this I had tears as there is a special bond between sisters -- I have one myself and I love her very much and hope we have many years of more memories!!! Deb Posted: 8:04 pm on November 9th
shabbychick writes: Sue - this is such a special tribute for your sister - and the penny doll is too sweet!

I have a younger sister and a wonderful circle of girlfriends (that are like sisters) - losing one would be heartbreaking. Time together is definitely something to be cherished!

Thanks for sharing.

Kathy Posted: 8:27 am on November 3rd
WhisperWood Cottage writes: Sue,

I agree that this is special beyond words. Though I have never had a sister, I feel a kinship with all women. We are all sisters in a sense and we can do so much by loving and supporting each other. That is what your website allows us to do. Thank you for sharing your personal story and for giving us an outlet for establishing new friendships.

Amy Posted: 2:57 pm on November 2nd
Chovey writes: Oh, Sue...this is just too lovely.
cynthia Posted: 6:24 pm on November 1st
LuAnn writes: Sue:

I must say this is just beautiful. You are so talented. I love the little "penny doll" and rhe fairy garden. You do good work!

LuAnn Posted: 9:21 am on November 1st
Meadowview_Farm writes: May her memory be for a blessing.
Kari Posted: 5:25 pm on October 31st
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Such beautiful touches to honor your sister's beautiful life. Thank you for sharing this tribute to her.

Candy Posted: 2:50 pm on October 31st
kopykatkim writes: Amazing Tribute to your sister! I have sisters that I love dearly and would hate to lose. I know that they would say the same for me. I being the youngest and the one to have had breast cancer. It is a fitting tribute to any and all angels up in our heavens. Thank You for all you do. Thanks to everyone who supports this terrible disease.

Believe in the Power of PINK!!!!!
Kim Posted: 2:45 pm on October 31st
csudderth writes: What a wonderful tribute. I lost my mother and a best friend to breast cancer too so cancer research is very important to me.
Christy Posted: 2:30 pm on October 31st
georgiamoon writes: Oh Sue, This is such a touching tribute to Jean. I am so proud that you used my little gift in the Garden. She makes a perfect angel. I got a little teary seeing this, because it is so beautiful. As both of us have lost our big sisters I know that I cherish anything that reminds me of her and her spirit. Great big loving hugs go out to you from me, Georgia Posted: 2:12 pm on October 31st
fellowjunker writes: Sue
This is special beyond words. Such a beautiful tribute to your sister! God Bless.
xojanis Posted: 11:46 am on October 31st
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