No junk at Joan's...treasures galore!!

November 12th, 2008 in member junk     
shabbychick Kathy Stantz, contributor
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Inside that door - there are treasures to be found...
Joan - and one of her peeps (thats what she said!!)  Love ya!
This is just one room (and a lot had already sold) - she had two rooms filled to the brim...and the front porch too!!
This wonderful old screen door wasnt for was attached!! Darn...
Some of our finds! 
Inside that door - there are treasures to be found...

Inside that door - there are treasures to be found...

My friend, Terri, and I headed to Joan's open house early last Saturday...and were surprised to find that it was only about 20 minutes away from our workshop.  We weren't disappointed - our friend, Joan, knows how to put on an open house!!!

I'm sure her neighbors were amazed (or maybe not - they're probably used to it!!) to see people carrying out piece after piece of furniture, etc...because she was selling stuff like crazy (great stuff AND great prices).  When we walked in (1/2 hour before opening...) customers already had piles of stuff - so, we quickly went thru and grabbed some goodies - can't believe she does all this....(a woman after my own heart - for sure!!).  We were there about an hour and I think she had sold out half of her stuff when we left.

She didn't have much time to visit - lots of business to be done...but we chatted about a possible spring "junk" event in her area - so, we'll let you know about that...

Joan has a quaint Victorian home, (and even with everything set up for sale) - you could see she's got great style (I knew she would...) - wonderful architectural pieces and antique furniture (and I peeked out at her new sunporch - buttoned up for the winter - so cute and cozy.  And, of course her (custom-built) fireplace mantles are awesome!

Also found out that we share a birthday week - Saturday was hers, and mine was last Wednesday - so, hope your birthday was fabulous (and profitable too!!).

We had big fun!!!  And then traveled to Wooster and hit the hospice thrift store and an antique mall - I guess it was all in a day's "work"!!!  Now, we can finish getting ready for our next Thanksgiving weekend, and we're planning our own open house at our workshop in December...are we crazy or what??


P.S.  Candy, we missed you - but, I know sooner or later we'll get together.

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shabbychick writes: Eva - the little child's hutch is my favorite piece - if we don't sell it, I may have to keep it! It's the perfect size to sit on a cabinet or table. And...I could fill it up pretty easily too!


Posted: 10:33 pm on November 12th
vecernice writes: Kathy,
this is amazing. What a great finds you have. I love love children furniture - those small cabinets in ivory color. I love to add them to a table so they sit on the top, for some reason this works for me and I can clutter them with my small junk.


Posted: 8:37 pm on November 12th
LuAnn writes: Georgia-my sentiments exactly-what a sale. Would have had to take a truck!!

LuAnn Posted: 3:32 pm on November 12th
georgiamoon writes: Now that looks like a SALE I would LOVE to attend. So sad that I live so far away. What a great selection of beautiful things. You must have worked yourself to death...well almost, I am sure that's how it feels. Hope you are better soon. Great job and I am glad you did so well, Georgia Posted: 3:17 pm on November 12th
shabbychick writes: We're sorry you couldn't make it - hope your daughter is ok. We're planning on Saturday, December 6th (9-4) for our open house - will email you an invite! We'll get something worked out - there's definitely some junking in our future!! :)

No website or blog yet, but I've been checking out a lot of blogs, and that's definitely a winter project for me - I "do" love to can tell, right??? ;)

And, italianpeasant...looking forward to seeing you in Columbus! Sorry you ended up sick - you're working/playing way too hard...

Kathy Posted: 2:39 pm on November 12th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Kathy! Ugh!!! I wanted to be there so badly! My 5-year-old got off the bus Friday with a slight fever and 2 spots on her face. Of course I thought the worst. Over the course of the night her spots disappeared and her fever subsided but I feared making the 1hr 20 minute trek if by chance she would take a change for the worse. So sorry!!!

Joan's porch looks so inviting!! I am so glad you found some great items and she was for the most part "wiped out" of product. She is one busy lady.

I would love to know about your show in December but I promise not to commit so plans can't fall through next time. It's just easier for me to do things on the fly sometimes. Do you have a website or blog?

Thanks for sharing the pics. You ladies look great by the way!

Candy Posted: 2:23 pm on November 12th
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