Cabin Raising - AFTER THE FLOOD!

November 14th, 2010 in member junk     
Clickart Clickart, member
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Front view - eight feet up!
Back view... they even raised the porch so were all ready for a new deck.
With block piers almost completed, were a bit disappointed in how they look.  Were experimenting with some cover up ideas and, since we plan to use corrugated galvanized panels in other areas, that may work here,too!
Front view - eight feet up!

Front view - eight feet up!

It's been too long since my last post - we've been so busy working on the flooded cabin while settling in to our happy newly-married life!  After spring floods caused the creek to rise - over two feet of water inside our cabin - we decided to raise the structure another four feet.  Mainly, because soon after the flood that ruined most of the inside stuff was all cleaned up, it flooded AGAIN! We had a contractor on site soon after and had the structure jacked up and set on cribs.  We've had block laid for piers and hope to be lowering it (to 8 feet off the ground) very soon. It's been going slowly but now we have lots of design ideas and projects to share about the project!  We will be re-purposing and re-creating as much as possible.

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Raising Tygart's Creek Fishcamp
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Clickart writes: After a thousand (and one) life-things, I'm so excited to be back! This cabin-raising and re-Han project has come a long, long way and I hope you will all come along for the rest of the ride. Seeing dates on comments from November, I'm assuming it was in 2010. Wow, I am behind! Thanks to all of my fellow Junkmarketeers and please, watch for more and keep in touch. Peace and love, Dan Posted: 5:45 am on March 17th
RustyDiva writes: That is one tall house! You never realize how much damage water can do till you have to deal with a flood - so sorry you had to deal with two of them! Can't wait to see how you turn it all around. Posted: 12:20 pm on November 15th
oldnews writes: I can only imagine how awful it is to lose everything to flood water. We live on a river in a flood plain too and our house is also up in the air! We have a pole house which puts the main level up above flood level - 9 feet! That means 22 steps to get up the the main level, but we sleep sound at night knowing we are safe! (I DID hate those stairs recently when I had BOTH knees replaced though!!) We will all wait to see what renovations you do! Good luck! Marie Posted: 4:51 am on November 15th
CottageElements writes: So sorry to hear about the flooding you've had to deal with. My son who is at school in Fargo knows first hand how devastating that can be. Looks like your working on a great solution to it. And it will be a great opportunity for you to do something new. Please be sure to share with us your process and how things are coming. I'm looking forward to seeing it!

Lani Posted: 11:54 am on November 14th
georgiamoon writes: Wow it's amazing to see your cabin up in the air but what can you do...after two floods I think I'd jack up my house too. Can't wait to see what you both come up with while fixin' er up! Sorry to hear about your losses but you will have much more "stuff" coming and lots of memories while getting it! Good luck, Georgia Posted: 10:11 am on November 14th
MimiToria writes: Sorry to hear about you're flooding and twice non the less. So sad...
Will look forward to see your re-purposing and re-creating as you have time to make your cabin what you dream for it to be. It will be fun to follow along, so continue to keep us posted.
What part of the US are you from?
Gretchen Posted: 9:21 am on November 14th
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