Don't cry over spilled (or rusted) old milk

August 11th, 2010 in member junk     
2poor2payRetail 2poor2payRetail, member
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Found this old metal container- in current beautiful color and thought I would turn it into a shabby chic trashcan. However the lid is rusted in place to the jug and I can't remove it. So, I stuffed it with some old artificial flowers and it's now just a show piece. However, it's still not functional and I was wondering if anyone else had uses for a rusted milk jug with a non-removable lid.

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loveit writes: I have an old can I was thinking of filling with sand or concrete and using it for a base for an umbrella... just a thought Posted: 7:09 pm on June 30th
BillyJo writes: mine is sitting near next to my garden waiting for inspiration too. Lock ease is what I use on nuts-n-bolts as well as tools. BillyJo Posted: 10:06 pm on August 12th
lady1880s writes: I think she said white but,Apple works for aches and pains, Just add a cup to bath water and soak! Posted: 6:04 pm on August 12th
byabpryor writes: I had a red one for a few years... My initial intent was to turn it into a seat by covering the top with a cushion. However, I ended up just selling it at a fleamarket, just this year. :( I miss that red can.... Posted: 11:09 am on August 12th
2poor2payRetail writes: Thanks, I'll look into the vinegar, but I'd be totally shocked, what kind of vinegar i wonder? White, apple cider, etc? I also like the idea for a cool table, Thanks! Posted: 10:21 pm on August 11th
MakinItHappen writes: You could glue a round tray to the top for a cool side table, or set a plant on it. Posted: 4:11 pm on August 11th
lady1880s writes: A friend told me vinegar works well for removing rust,haven't tried it yet but,worth a try.Maybe you could try it on this can. Posted: 1:24 pm on August 11th
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