Bringing a little bit of the Indoors Out...aka Deck-orating!

August 1st, 2010 in member junk     
CottageElements Lanette Lorsung, editor
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The sitting area redo makes it feel more like an addition to the home.  A much better space to sit and enjoy the outdoors.
First thing I did was to add an outdoor rug.  I found this one for rather inexpensively at a local discount store.  It definitely grounded the space and gave  it  more of an indoor room feeling.
Next came the chandelier.  A new one, but rusted to look old, I actually  had this one in my basement.  It had been at the former house in our  outdoor gazebo there.  No longer tucked away, I think it fit perfectly  in the space.
 This has got to be my favorite piece on the deck.  Made from old wood  and used on my porch at my previous home, it was displayed with my fan  collection.  Unfortunately it didnt work for my new house.  Now I can  still enjoy it on my deck.  I love the way it looks, with the beautiful  view of the pond in the background.
This table, which I had shared with you in a previous post, gave added  character to a deck that had quite a few new pieces.  Originally from  the old Fiskars Scissors Factory, it could also double as a servicing  piece, minus the scale and planters. The piece on top of it, I have no  clue what its original use was.  But I love planted hostas in  containers, and this piece worked great for that.
I finally  this year did some landscaping in this island area (trying to  camouflage our septic while Im at it).
And of course I had to add some vintage garden art to the mix.
A closer look at my Amish built shed (also shared in a previous post) shows the  planter boxes that are actually vintage European sinks.
And how can I show you my deck without sharing my views.   Thats one of  the benefits of living on acreage!
Last, but not least, a look at my 1960s swing.  I purchased this at a  garage sale maybe 10 years ago for just $15.  It took the trip with us  to our new house and found the perfect spot amongst a grouping of blue  spruce.
The sitting area redo makes it feel more like an addition to the home.  A much better space to sit and enjoy the outdoors.

The sitting area redo makes it feel more like an addition to the home.  A much better space to sit and enjoy the outdoors.

Welcome to my deck.  Though we built it a few years ago, I hadn't done much to it to make it very cozy.  What it needed was a little bit of deck-orating!  Though I did add the gazebo and table with chairs, it felt well...unfinished.  It just didn't seem to have that welcoming feeling that said, come sit here, eat here, rest here.  So we really didn't.  But this year with a graduation open house looming, I decided I had to spruce it up.  So with a few new pieces, and a few ala-junk pieces, I put together a welcoming space that brought that indoor feeling outdoors!

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54girl writes: Beautiful deck redo!! Love your air conditioned sign, too cute! Love the sinks too! Mary Posted: 10:28 pm on August 13th
junkermidge writes: What a beautiful setting and beautiful deck redo! I love that little industrial table. It's all very inviting -- and inspiring.
Midge Posted: 5:05 pm on August 12th
alicemom writes: Lani,
It is a show stopper. Love those those sinks! Your views are lovely.
smiles, alice Posted: 11:04 pm on August 4th
shabbychick writes: Very beautiful, Lani!! Thanks for sharing your great junk and the view!

Kathy Posted: 11:30 am on August 4th
ninnarae writes: So pretty, Lanette...and beautiful views! Posted: 6:10 pm on August 3rd
JunkArchitect writes: Lani, you’ve created a junkers retreat. What a beautiful deck and that’s one gigantic yard.

Posted: 10:22 am on August 3rd
BillyJo writes: I love the acreage too. I grew up on one and miss it much!
Your porch looks like a slice of peace! BillyJo Posted: 10:56 pm on August 2nd
Heavenly_Treasures writes: LANETTE,
What a beautiful setting. You did a fantastic job.Its all my favorites.Have a blessed day ROBERT, Posted: 10:50 am on August 2nd
RustyDiva writes: Gorgeous Lani! Love your space and your views. I think you would have A LOT of takers for those sinks. :)
Kenda Posted: 10:50 am on August 2nd
chippingcharm writes: Looks great Lani! Love it all but have to agree with Donna, wish those sinks were at my house ;) Laurel Posted: 7:54 am on August 2nd
Funky_Junk_Donna writes: Beautiful! My favorite aspect are those cool sinks! That's a brilliant idea.

Posted: 7:11 pm on August 1st
TracyMB writes: It's gorgeous! LOVE the sign! :) Posted: 6:22 pm on August 1st
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