All Tied Up in a Bow

July 30th, 2010 in member junk     
cheriberri cheriberri, member
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My Coco...This has nothing to do with junk but as I was walking thru my yard, I now know why the plant in that pot isnt thriving!!! LOL

I posted the wire bow and was inspired to make one from twine and add it to rusty wire snips! I love the combo of masculine tools with a feminine side!!!

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alicemom writes: OMG Coco is the star! Of course your snips and bow are cute ..............But could not expect to top Coco!
smiles, alice Posted: 10:03 pm on August 1st
MakinItHappen writes: Another winner — charming!!! Posted: 11:38 am on August 1st
cheriberri writes: Melody> I guess it depends on what ya mean by 'redo'...
I LOVE my cats!!! I have 7 in my house (I have 5 litter boxes which I clean every other day)!!! I have 2 outside (Coco & Peanut) but I feed all the strays and ferals!! About 10 to 12 a day besides all my own! I also catch them & get them all "fixed"....Its my way of Saving the World In my little corner of it!! :) Posted: 6:21 pm on July 31st
melody_10 writes: Really like this- yes my cats do the same- got to catch them to figure outsometimes- great job. Do you know anything about redoing- chandeliers?? Posted: 4:03 pm on July 31st
RustyDiva writes: Great snips and big too!! I like em. Posted: 5:59 pm on July 30th
lady1880s writes: Love the bow and the snips,but Coco has won my heart.My Flea lions love to sit in the middle of my projects too. Ms. Nosey was always supervising, and Morris claims furniture as his. Posted: 5:50 pm on July 30th
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