I'm Really Into Heavy Metal!

July 11th, 2010 in member junk     
CottageElements Lanette Lorsung, editor
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Rust...got to love it!  And the turquoise paint, amazing!
A close up look at the patina shows why I fell in love with it
I added a vignette of both vintage and new pieces to the top of it.  I think they all fit in with the character of the piece, dont you?
This piece was a present for my 50th birthday, created by my other talented Sue W. friend (Sue Wolfe--should I change my name and do you think itll help?).  Did I say 50, errrr, I mean 40, yeah thats it, 40!  Well isnt 50 the new 40?  Ha!
Love the green and white patina on this piece.  Chippy is good!
And the industrial wheels on this thing are oh so cool!
What  a welcoming sitting area, made ala-junk style!
I had to move the original table I had there.  What to do, what to do?  Just move it to another vacant wall.  It was too cool to put away!  Not too much do you think?
Thought I may as well share with you some of my metal green gardenware obsessions.  This cart, another example of very heavy metal!  The cement urn on top of it is no lightweight either.
Though this button back garden chair is not heavy (thank goodness), still a fun garden accent.
This is a whats it piece.  Dont know what it is, but with a pink dahlia in it, looks good to me!
This standing fan was probably the beginning of my obsession.  The first piece I bought so many years ago . . .
Rust...got to love it!  And the turquoise paint, amazing!

Rust...got to love it!  And the turquoise paint, amazing!

Talk about a piece of "heavy metal", I purchased it while shopping the garage of one of my favorite Mpls/St. Paul dealers, Jan Berg.  She has some amazing industrial pieces (my fav), and I just had to have it.  The bad thing, it was very heavy (must be steel), and it was very interesting trying to load it in my truck.  It took some creative thinking by Jan Berg's wonderful husband, Jim (I think he's a pro at this).  And once I got it up on my porch, realized it was definitely worth it!

Pattern or design used: My own design - Lanette of Cottage Elements
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Patamomma writes: I seen this and had to join to comment! Love the green! What a great find. Gorgeous porch indeed. Posted: 10:50 pm on August 24th
grabe writes: by the way...u do not look your age, ur beautiful!! Posted: 8:03 pm on August 21st
grabe writes: I Love the rusty piece and grab up anything with that patina,LOOKS AWESOME!!! Posted: 8:01 pm on August 21st
OliviagraceBoutique writes: LOVE it all..and how you have it decorated..I am jealous...hehe..Too cute.. Posted: 1:09 pm on July 31st
JunknStuff writes: LOOOOOOOOOVE the BuTtOn BaCk ChAiR!!!! My great-grandmother used to have a whole set of these in black, & I had forgotten about them until now. I liked them even as a child. Although, I also had a flashback of how one had to be very careful about getting up from one of these chairs while wearing shorts...the metal "slats" would pinch your skin if you didn't get up carefully! Beauty truly is pain, I guess! Lol! Uber-creative, gurlie! Posted: 12:26 pm on July 20th
alicemom writes: Lani,
I love the whole look. The colors are amazing and look fab!
smiles, alice Posted: 11:17 pm on July 16th
shabbychick writes: Lani - Love your rusty-chic porch and garden decor...the rust, the color, and the beautiful way you put it all together!


Kathy Posted: 4:04 pm on July 14th
tatteredgrandeur writes: I'm TURQUOISE with envy!!! Posted: 3:20 pm on July 13th
CottageElements writes: Laurel, you're on! Would sound like a fun day! Vanessa, I was able to recently go an auction with items from an old warehouse. They had amazing things! Right up my alley. Was a junkers dream. Thanks everyone else for all the great comments. Actually the piece itself was a steal for what I paid for it! I would have thought to have paid a lot more for it. Good thing it is heavy, to heavy to steal. Haha.

Lani Posted: 10:57 am on July 13th
chippingcharm writes: Yep, I love it all too! I would love to see your porch in person too...maybe we should plan a junk day starting with coffee on one porch and ending with wine on the other :) Talk soon, Laurel Posted: 8:19 am on July 13th
chippingcharm writes: Yep, I love it all too! I would love to see your porch in person too...maybe we should plan a junk day starting with coffee on one porch and ending with wine on the other :) Talk soon, Laurel Posted: 8:18 am on July 13th
itsnotjunk2me writes: lani,
i LOVE those wheels...the galvanized metal..swoon...your porch is the epitome of a junkers dream. love all that metal going on around there.

judi ;) Posted: 8:04 am on July 13th
vanj writes: I can't add anything that the others hav'nt already said!!!
I love everything!!!!! Today my old boss is letting me go through the warehouse where we worked to look for industrial
JUNK... Maybe I can find something like this!!!!!!!!!!
Wish me luck... Vanessa Posted: 6:52 am on July 13th
MakinItHappen writes: You have some lovely things! Posted: 12:42 pm on July 12th
artteachergirl writes: Hmmm...so it's too heavy to steal, huh? Guess I have to regroup my plan. Not really! That is one beautiful piece...the color and the rust are perfect!! Love all your garden pieces!Vicki Posted: 12:29 pm on July 12th
RustyDiva writes: I am truly in love with this piece!!! I think I've told you before that items might come up missing off your front porch and I will have to add this to the list so if you hear a loud huffing and puffing noise, just ignore it. You lucky lucky duck ~ I want one!! Posted: 12:20 pm on July 12th
Heavenly_Treasures writes: LANI,
I have to congradulate you on the effort you put in on this project.It looks great.SUPPER JOB. GOD BLESS ROBERT. Posted: 10:00 am on July 12th
JunkArchitect writes: Yep, I would have bought it too. That is one cool piece of rusty steel. I’m thinkin’ that would make an incredible bathroom vanity with one of those top mounted sinks. I want the tall fan too. It all looks amazing on your porch.

Posted: 8:51 am on July 12th
suewhitney writes: Love it Lani! Soooo cool. You're porch loos more fabulous than ever!

Take care
Sue Posted: 7:06 am on July 12th
oldnews writes: Fab-U-lous!! I wouldn't have passed it up either, no matter how heavy it was! I LOVE it!! Marie Posted: 11:33 pm on July 11th
BillyJo writes: Do you need a home setter. I love it. Right a note for my wife so I can have a porch like that!! LOL BillyJo
Posted: 11:08 pm on July 11th
Funky_Junk_Donna writes: Oh gosh... where to look first.

1. FANS! Oh my good grief... WANT.

2. Fans on a ladder. I can barely stand this.

3. That metal rusty turquoise thing. Only THREE things to pine after.

Overload mode here. I need to go de-stress. :) Honestly, this is just a junker's dream front porch. Nicely done!

Posted: 10:39 pm on July 11th
junkermidge writes: Oh, it's all SO gorgeous!!! Just the perfect proportions of rust, metal, and color. Glad you were able to keep the other display -- that's so gorgeous too!
Midge Posted: 10:30 pm on July 11th
Prior writes: Just the perfect amount of rust and paint...I love industrial wheels on pieces, and I guess practical for this heavy piece. All of your garden pieces are just wonderful...Thanks for joining my blog! Lezlee Posted: 9:24 pm on July 11th
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