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Say it loud, say it proud...I LOVE RUST!

Say it loud, say it proud..."I LOVE RUST!"

Some of you who live up North may know this bridge in Conn....or at least I think it was Conneticut.  My husband and I just returned from a road trip to Maine and the states sort of all blended together at times. Whatever state it was in I loved it!!!! When I made the shot I thought...that's one for Junk Market! Only junkers will understand!

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RustyDiva writes: Hey, that's my mantra but I was no where near up north. Does give me some ideas for Texas though. ;) LOL
Great shot. Posted: 11:59 am on July 12th
junkermidge writes: I LOVE IT!!!!
Midge Posted: 8:32 pm on July 11th
CottageElements writes: Perfect! Love it!

Lani Posted: 12:25 pm on July 11th
artteachergirl writes: I had the same thought, Lezlee! There could be a *Phantom Bridge Writer*...LOL...the Mask Rust Writer! Posted: 10:37 pm on July 8th
Prior writes: ha ha, wouldn't it be funny if someone was writing that on all the rusty bridges, and y'all just thought it was the same one, you know us junkers, one of something is never enough!
Lezlee Posted: 10:02 pm on July 8th
oldnews writes: It says is all, doesn't it?! Marie Posted: 3:38 pm on July 8th
artteachergirl writes: Jim...that is too funny! You are probably right about where the bridge is located, Route 9 sounds good. Our GPS revolted on us, and we sat in NYC traffic forever, then spent the night in Stamford, Conn. so by that time I wasn't sure where we were either. I just knew I loved what was on the bridge. Reckon how they were able to write that up there???!! Y'all have wings up North? LOL! Posted: 10:26 am on July 8th
Junkpony writes: That is too funny. I should get a t-shirt made saying that. Posted: 9:37 am on July 8th
JunkArchitect writes: Actually ATG that bridge is located on Route 9 in New Hampshire. I was on Route 9 two weeks ago on my way to check out some junk in a barn. I hope I don’t find out that I’m completely wrong about this location because then I have no idea where I was two weeks ago.


Posted: 9:09 am on July 8th
BillyJo writes: You're the tops!! BillyJo Posted: 12:21 am on July 8th
chippingcharm writes: Ha-ha...Love it!!! Laurel Posted: 11:21 pm on July 7th
junktiqueboutique writes: wow, you were quick with the camera. Great shot. Posted: 10:14 pm on July 7th
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