Angels, Angels and more Angels...

October 24th, 2008 in member junk     
saclark saclark, member
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I just made this little angel today
An old cork spool - kinda weird, huh?
Jello mold angel
Jello mold angel with electrical insulator
I just made this little angel today

I just made this little angel today

For some reason I've really been into angels lately.  (Cynthia, I think it's your fault!!)  I couldn't post a picture of one of my favorites cause I couldn't get it sized right.  Darn!  Oh well, thanks so much for looking!!!!! 

Pattern or design used: My own design
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csudderth writes: These are so cool and would make great tree ornaments. I love them.
Christy Posted: 8:58 pm on October 27th
KimberlyMelamed writes: Heavenly! You have such a talent! Thanks again for sharing it with us. Good luck with the posts and let us know if your still having trouble. I know that sometimes I pull mine into photoshop and resize them there. Then I can post them more quickly.

Take Care,
Kimberly Posted: 3:48 pm on October 27th
kopykatkim writes: Very cool!!!! I have a few of those odds and ends laying around and a sister who collects angels, I just may have to Kopy your design. Thanks for the inspiration. Posted: 3:05 pm on October 27th
shabbychick writes: Your angels are truly "heavenly"!! Love all the different elements, and I'm thinking I might have to try one (I've got lots of pieces and parts!)

Kathy Posted: 11:44 am on October 27th
Chovey writes: Way to go Sharon!

If I started the 'angel' thing...I'm so darn glad!lol.....

but beware everyone...these are very contagious!!! and sooooooooooooo much fun to make!

As always....LOVE THESE ANGELS, too!!!!!
cynthia Posted: 7:01 pm on October 26th
suewhitney writes: Hi Sharon,

You should not have to resize the photos at all on this site. It is supposed to be done automatically. Try not resizing and just plug them in and see if that works. Let me know...we don't want to miss anything from you!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 10:33 am on October 26th
saclark writes: Thanks! These would be great gifts at X-mas. The first two angels are just glued together. The jello mold angels are wired with a little glue just to keep them in line.

Sue- Thanks for the offer. I think my problem is in my picture program. For the old website I just clicked a spot to change the size for web posting or email. Now the ones I resized won't post on the new site. When I try to change them back in my program, it won't let me. Is there a way to resize them in this website? Thanks so much!

Sharon Posted: 9:44 am on October 26th
suewhitney writes: Sharon, These are just darling. You are a very talented young lady! These are very inspirational and put a smile on my face as I'm sure they do to all on this site. Keep up the great work.

Be well,


Please let me know about your difficulty posting one of your pics and I'll try to see if I can solve your problem. Thanks! Posted: 10:27 am on October 25th
LuAnn writes: Sharon--these are just charming. Such talent! If you're ever this way stop by I'd like to see them in person.

LuAnn Posted: 7:46 am on October 25th
junkinhart writes: Oh, these are just too cute!! Gave me an idea......I create some type of ornament for all the brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, grandkids for christmas.......I can miniatures of these! I won't even have to sign them, they will forever know who made it!!! Thanks for the great inspiration, Sharon!! Love them all!!

Do you just glue everything together or is it wired someway?

Cindy Posted: 5:58 am on October 25th
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