Is there a Doctor in the House???

May 29th, 2010 in member junk     
CottageElements Lanette Lorsung, editor
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Okay, maybe this belonged to a Dentist rather than a doctor, but it sure is cool in my house.  Of course it has to be black/cream for it to have the ultimate it factor for me!
This actually is a barbers sanitizer, but it still has that medical look.  I chose to make it functional (so it may not be quite as eye appealing).  It works great for my tooth brush/paste!
This medical table was one of my last purchases from the JUNKMARKET sales in Long Lake.  Love it in my bathroom!  The mirror on top is actually a recent purchase that was used on a ship.  Nothing medical about it, just looks great with the table!
This doctors scale was purchased at our very own Ms. Sues garage sale. I had been eyeing it for awhile...thanks, Sue!
This Torsion Balance Pharmacy Scale is one of my most prized pieces. 
Not sure if these are actually medical bottles, but they sure do have that look.  Works for me!
Love this chemistry jar made to hold hyrochloric acid. 
These beeker bottles hold ivy cuttings perfectly!  Theyre about the only plants I seem to be able to grow!  LOL!
Not quite sure if these are pharmacy scales, but I can pretend now, cant I?
Lastly, this mega jar is marked Pyrex in the glass, and in the top of the funnel-type piece is a hole.  Not sure if it simply held pickles, or maybe was used in a lab?  All I know is it looks great holding my sugar amongst the other two vintage jars I have!
Okay, maybe this belonged to a Dentist rather than a doctor, but it sure is cool in my house.  Of course it has to be black/cream for it to have the ultimate it factor for me!

Okay, maybe this belonged to a Dentist rather than a doctor, but it sure is cool in my house.  Of course it has to be black/cream for it to have the ultimate "it" factor for me!

I have a slight confession.  I have a pre-occupation with vintage medical pieces.  Something about them just seems to call out to me saying "buy me, buy me!".  And I just can't resist!  I even once had a doctor's exam table.  It was just way too cool, but alas, I sold it to someone who was going to use it as a center island in their kitchen.  As long as they don't think about it's original purpose when they were making supper!  Yikes!  Here is a sneak peek at some of my finds!

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dimplesdragonflies writes: These pieces look incredible! Especially love the dentist sign!

Hugs of Georiga Sunshine,
Terri Smith Posted: 9:54 am on July 31st
CottageElements writes: JunqueMagnet, what a fun find! I've never seen dishes like that. I'm sooo jealous! OldCrow, never been called Dr. Strangelove.....yet, lol!! Jim, I knew the sign would be right up your alley.... it had Jim written all over it! Ha! Kathy, you are soooo clever. I like that title! Actually it fits Amy (Ms. Junkologie PhD herself) more, but I'll take it! Thanks again for all the great comments. I was a fun post to do!

Lani Posted: 3:33 pm on June 2nd
shabbychick writes: Lani - very cool - love those pharmacy scales. And of course you have a way with black and white that definitely proves you have a PhD in junkological decorating sciences!! :) (just had to throw in a little medical lingo...)

Thanks for sharing!

Kathy Posted: 11:19 am on June 2nd
grabe writes: I love all your items!! How cool Posted: 10:15 am on June 2nd
RustyDiva writes: Love the RX stuff. Your pics are awesome as ususal and love the way you incorporate your medical finds into your decor.
Kenda Posted: 1:23 pm on June 1st
JunkArchitect writes: Wow Lani! What a great collection of medical junk. You know I love the sign the most, because look, there’s one right behind my head.

Posted: 9:27 pm on May 31st
junkermidge writes: Your combinations always look so great together and this post is no different. I love it all! I wouldn't say I have a thing for medical stuff, I never thought about it before, but it does have a cool look. However I do have a few doctor bags and I'd say I do have a thing for them. I especially like that table in your bathroom. Cool.
Midge Posted: 6:12 pm on May 30th
MakinItHappen writes: Great collection! Posted: 11:38 am on May 30th
OLDcrowAntiques writes: Neat stuff ! The Pharmacy scale is one of a kind. Our sort of koooky fun... anyone called you: Dr Strangelove yet?
;o) Posted: 6:45 am on May 30th
Maggiebelles writes: Great stuff for the scales! Posted: 7:00 pm on May 29th
alicemom writes: Those are super-dooper!! I love them all!
smiles, alice Posted: 4:32 pm on May 29th
JunqueMagnet writes: How funny and timely is this post?This morning I bought an old toy trunk and contents, of which one box has a vintage china dinnerware set with Pharmacy RX logos on it.The owner said they must have been his father in law's who owned a large drug store in Cincinnati a million years ago.I had to buy them because while I've seen hotel and railroad china, never "pharmacy" sets.I have no idea what I'll do with it (probably take it to market) but it simply had to be rescued.Your photos are super as always! Posted: 11:40 am on May 29th
ninnarae writes: Wow, these are all just wonderful and I LOVE the sign!! Posted: 10:20 am on May 29th
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