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shabbychick Kathy Stantz, contributor
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First...this was all Gretchens idea (but she didnt really have to twist our arms, right Janis??)  This dumpster was calling our names...and we found some nice old drawers (unfortunately they didnt fit in our car for the ride back to Ohio).
Gretchen gave us a tour of the French Flea...and we couldnt pass up a great photo op!
And on gala night...heres the girl behind the camera...our very own Amy of Whisperwood Cottage AND Junkologie.  We got her to pose for a minute! :) 
Dinner at Olive Garden with just a few of my favorite junkers!!
The Anthropologie fashion show was a big hit.  These ladies have great style, dont ya think? 
A couple Rockler Stars and Miss Sue!
Kim of Rockler with Laurel (and a couple cool drawers she bought...).
Me, Janis and one of our JMS members - ninarae! 
Missy and Cassie shopping for some pieces and parts...a couple minutes later a loud noise came from that area - and a red-faced Cassie was seen peeking around the corner...oops! :)
Rub-a-dub-dub...Leos in the tub.  He was having big fun with his Mom - like a kid in a junk shop (OK...a candy shop would be fun too)!
Sue put together an awesome gardeny tablescape.  (She had actually set it in the studio for a class, and then when the class was over we literally ran it all down to the sales floor and re-set it for the sale...whew!)
Eenie, meenie, minie - MO -  Heres the the guy behind all those great youtube videos (and a very talented piano player as well)...Mark Anderson!
First...this was all Gretchens idea (but she didnt really have to twist our arms, right Janis??)  This dumpster was calling our names...and we found some nice old drawers (unfortunately they didnt fit in our car for the ride back to Ohio).

First...this was all Gretchen's idea (but she didn't really have to twist our arms, right Janis??)  This dumpster was calling our names...and we found some nice old drawers (unfortunately they didn't fit in our car for the ride back to Ohio).

OK...the dust/junk has settled a bit, and I'm trying to get caught up... So I wanted to share some more of the faces from our week at AAJMS...and some "around the town" pics too.

These pictures are just bits and pieces of our time in Minneapolis.  Amy has shared some wonderful glimpses into the event - and I wanted to add a few more.

I want to thank Gretchen for our afternoon whirlwind tour of The French Flea  - and Antiques Downtown (we all came out with shopping bags full there!). We also got to spend time with her best friend, Carolyn (great to meet you Carolyn!). Gretchen is a wonderful tour guide, providing Janis, Terri and I with refreshments and magazines to peruse while we were on the road (she thought of everything...).  We all found some fabulous stuff and had BIG junking fun together (note the dumpster diving pic...ha ha!)  Next time we'll make it to Hunt & Gather.

I gotta say that the highlight (or highlights) of my trip was meeting (for the first time) - Janis, Laurel, AND Missy, Cassie, Andrea & Lynette (aka Junkfest Girls), as well as some of the JMS members - ninarae, Marge (met Marge last summer too)...and I know I'm forgetting someone - there were so many people - not to mention everyone associated with the AAJMS event - what a group of talented and hardworking people - they pulled off a huge event with great STYLE!

In the midst of all this busy-ness - we all got together at Olive Garden one evening - we packed 16 junkers around a table (the hostess put us in a room way back in the corner of the restaurant...did we look like we were going to make a lot of noise??? ha ha - I guess we did!). 

My second trip to the Twin Cities was fabulous - and it was fun sharing it with my friend and junk partner, Terri.  We were busy, busy, busy the entire time with the Gala, a little antiquing, the Sale, classes, a trip to the Mall of America (now I can take that off my bucket list - note to not go to the Mall of America on the day before Mother's Day - ha ha - wow...was it busy - but fun), the Mother's Day brunch, fashion show, and a little late night pizza with Miss Sue and Shelley (the Queen of Quantity)...oh...and movie night (which I slept through...).  So, did we pack a lot into five days or what???     It was all good...I mean GRRREEEAAAAAATTT (kind of a Tony the Tiger thing - ha ha)!!  Thanks so much Sue and company for a great junking time!  Looking forward to our next adventure!

Have a great day!



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suewannabeinkc writes: It looks and sounds like SO much fun! I really wanted to be there but couldn't make it happen this time. Maybe I can make the next one... Thanks for sharing your pics!
Joanne Posted: 12:01 pm on June 7th
JunkArchitect writes: I’m not too sure how pretty I would look in an Anthropologie dress but I REALLY do wish I had been there carousing with all you girls…next time.
Thanks for the great photos Kathy.

I might look good in Gretchen’s skinny jeans.


Posted: 8:49 am on May 27th
Grasshopper22 writes: What great fun you guys all had...thanks for sharing the pictures. Posted: 7:22 am on May 27th
Prior writes: Aww! I'm glad you all had fun! I know it was a bunch of hard work, too! Everyone looks so pretty!
! Posted: 8:39 pm on May 26th
junkermidge writes: Such great pix, thanks for sharing! Sounds like such fun! I'm hoping to make it to the one in the fall. Junk, friends, fun, (and the Mall of America) -- does it get any better than that?
Midge Posted: 10:03 am on May 26th
chippingcharm writes: More fun times...I love your pictures too Kathy! It was so great to finally meet you Kathy...I'm so glad Terri came too...such a fun group! And Janis was just as sweet as I imagined she would be...bummed I missed you "ninnarae"!
Kenda and Alice, you HAVE to make it to the next event! We missed you and others who weren't there. Maybe you should start selling some "junk" and saving your pennies :) Laurel Posted: 5:59 pm on May 25th
Heavenly_Treasures writes: KATHY,
All as I can say you must have a terrific hubby to have you travel all over the country and also a very understanding employer.Especially this day and age.I know if my wife was alive she would of been up their also and the first one in the dumpster and I'm not kidding.Glad you had a alot of fun and would be a pleasure to meet this traveling lady. Thank's for all the nice pictures. Its all appreciated.Have a nice day and GOD BLESS, ROBERT. Posted: 5:50 pm on May 25th
ninnarae writes: It was so nice getting to meet you, Kathy~ as well as Janis, Sue, and Gretchen! Such a great, creative show! Linda Posted: 4:09 pm on May 25th
RustyDiva writes: Great pics Kathy. It still makes me sad that I had to miss it. It just looks like an awesome time with some awesome folks. And I would have so climbed in those trash cans with you guys!!! Thank you for sharing with those of us who couldn't be there!

Kenda Posted: 12:35 pm on May 25th
alicemom writes: Sounds like sooooooooooooooooo much fun! Glad you & Terri got to do the grand junk tour!
love those pics!!!
alice Posted: 11:58 am on May 25th
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