Vintage Port-A-Crib Redo

October 21st, 2008 in member junk     
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Turned over on its side, the port-a-crib lends itself to the perfect art display unit. 
This crib was a freebie.  I removed the blue trim from the top (used for teething baby protection) and removed the legs.  It was extremely easy!
Moved into my rarely-used living room, I can use it to display adult art.
Turned over on its side, the port-a-crib lends itself to the perfect art display unit. 

Turned over on it's side, the port-a-crib lends itself to the perfect art display unit. 

I was given a large amount of garage sale leftovers and right away knew I wanted to do a project with the port-a-crib. Ultimately I would like to make a coffee table out of it however for now it is quite useful as an art easel display unit.

Check out my inspiration in Sue's Decorating Junkmarket Style book. She used one in a vintage bath with towels hanging from it. So cute!


Pattern or design used: My own design - Junk Sophisticate
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garagesalegoddess writes: Amazingly, no one jumped on an identical port-a-crib at my garage sale. If anyone on this sites wants it and will pick up or pay shipping from San Jose, Ca, it's yours.

Sandy Posted: 1:55 pm on August 21st
Pakrbakr4 writes: Hello! You don't still happen to have the blue rails and extra legs for this do you? I have one but need to replace some parts. Thanks so much! MB Posted: 3:33 am on May 28th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Thank you everyone! And thank you for the feature spot.

I guess you can't get any easier than this, huh? Remove a few pieces of hardware from a piece of junk and flip it on its side.

Thanks again for the comments.
Candy Posted: 5:39 am on October 22nd
KimberlyMelamed writes: Candy,

This is certainly thinking outside the crib. What a wonderful and easy project. Love the artwork too.

Thanks for sharing,
Kimberly Posted: 10:14 pm on October 21st
CottageElements writes: Congrats, Candy on being featured! Thanks for sharing!

Lani Posted: 6:12 pm on October 21st
MimiToria writes: Sounds like you've got multi uses for this free item. How lucky can one get. Posted: 2:14 pm on October 21st
multifaceted_val writes: Love it. what about...

Instead of a coffee table, place boards in the crossbars and use it as a bookshelf/art supply storage.

Of course, it is fine as is, too. Posted: 11:08 am on October 21st
suewhitney writes: Hi Everyone!
Here is another great idea from one of your members. Candy, I love this and the way you are thinking. It is beautiful as an art display and will make a wonderful coffee table. If one item can be employed in our homes several different ways we are less likely to get rid of it. Congrats!

Be well,
Sue Posted: 10:52 am on October 21st
shabbychick writes: That is just too perfect (and so simple too) - it could be used to display so many different things...(and can't wait to see it as a coffee table too!).

Great job, Candy!!


P.S. Looks like you've got some budding artists in your house too!! :) Posted: 10:03 am on October 21st
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