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October 28th, 2008 in projects     
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Lucky JUNKMARKET!  We were given some fan blades while packing up shop at Oronoco a couple months ago (free!)  A vendor who hadn't managed to sell them donated them to us, saying "we could find something to do with them."  Well, we did!  Just in time for Halloween, whip up a cupcake server in spooky industrial style.  Guarantee it will blow you away! 

(Alright, alright, that was just too much.)


Junk Market Style Difficulty Meter

Fan blade
Old LP
Threaded rod- ours was 7/16 in.
Bolts, washers, wing nut to fit threaded rod
Rubber bumpers
Pre cut glass- ours was 15 in. R

Tool List:
Dremmel or bolt cutters
Silicone sealer
Palm sander or sand paper
Krud Kutter (optional)


Step 1: Sand fan blades with a palm sander or sandpaper to remove marks and leave a groovy pattern on the metal.

Roughin' up the shiny blades. 

Step 2: Thoroughly clean the blades with Krud Kutter and/or soap and water.

Clear away any loose metal or dust.  This  leaves the fun texture of the sanding action but keeps the blades clean.

Step 3: Mark center of the hubcap with a sharpie and a ruler.

Step 4: Drill hole in center of hubcap with a bit to match size of threaded rod. Ours was 7/16 in.

If you drill from both sides, alternately, you will remove any sharp edges created by the drill.

Step 5: Measure and cut threaded rod. Insert threaded rod through hubcap.

Make sure the rod isn't too long or the server willl end up wobbly.

Step 6: Secure threaded rod with a washer and a bolt on the underside of the hubcap.

That's nuts.  Wait, no--that's bolts.

Step 7: Repeat for the top of the hubcap.

A hubcap is just one possibility for a metallic/industrial-type base.  Be creative!

Step 8: Slide fan blade onto threaded rod and rest on a washer and bolt at desired height.

If you're feeling adventurous, try making this into a two or even three-tiered server.

Step 9: Add washer and wing nut to top of fan blade.

Hand-tighten only and your fan blade will spin like a Lazy Susan for serving.

Step 10: Place the fan blade assembly on the LP, centering, and adhere with a clear silicone adhesive. Let dry.

Step 11: Place glass on top of fan blades. Make sure to use rubber bumpers to keep the glass in place.

Take the time to make sure that the glass is centered.  The less you have to fuss with it later, the better.


Now THIS is a JUNKMARKET fan. 


Spidery cupcakes anyone?  BOO!

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Comments (8)

KimberlyMelamed writes: Oh, and Kim, I didn't bake the cupcakes but I did get to eat them! Perk of the job! Posted: 10:02 am on November 6th
KimberlyMelamed writes: Thanks everyone! This is one project that took on several transformations before it was finished. As Amy said, she got to see it way back in September when it was still in the idea phase. Sometimes what I think is going to be the best project ever, turns out not so great and it takes some time and a little tweaking (oh, and a few words of advise from the Junk gurus around here never hurt either). That's what I love about Junk, the possibilities are endless! Posted: 10:01 am on November 6th
csudderth writes: What a cool idea--I would have never thought of using the blades this way.
Christy Posted: 2:16 pm on October 31st
Junk_Sophisticate writes: That is super cool! What a great look!

Candy Posted: 8:14 am on October 29th
junkinhart writes: Another great industrial creation! Love it! Oh the possibilities with all those old fans out there! Hmmm..this gives me an idea for an old rotor I have in garage (might be a little heavy, but it won't topple over!!)! Thanks, Kimberly!

Cindy Posted: 7:38 am on October 29th
WhisperWood Cottage writes: You figured out how to make it work! You were working on this when I visited back in September...I've been waiting to see the final product. It looks great!!!!

Amy Posted: 6:53 pm on October 28th
kopykatkim writes: Did you make the cupcakes too? Very cool idea and you can obviously use this for all occassions. Posted: 6:06 pm on October 28th
shabbychick writes: Kimberly - what a yummy project! Love the "juxtaposition" of industrial and cupcakes!!! :) Very inventive!

I bet those cupcakes will fly right off the server!!!

Kathy Posted: 4:49 pm on October 28th
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