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May 12th, 2010 in member junk     
bensonstreet bensonstreet, member
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Our pile that was picked from our own shed! I love it!
I cant even say what my favorite is - I really like the Double Cola box.
Neat things that Jade collected. It is so much fun to see her sifting through things and choosing pieces she sees potential in.
Old receipt pad from a gas station. There is no name or identification on the pages, but it is pretty cool. There are about 20+ pages intact. I think this would look awesome in a shadowbox with some old maps or postcards.
Jade, who is 13,  posing with our pick. She pretends to be annoyed with me, but oddly enough cant stand it when I am digging and she isnt! When we first watched American Pickers, she said: MOM! That is totally us! It was one of my proudest moments as a parent.
Our pile that was picked from our own shed! I love it!

Our pile that was picked from our own shed! I love it!

I have to admit I have been jealous of the Funky Junk Sisters and Art+Architecture lately. I so want to be there and everytime a post pops up spouting awesome-ness, my heart breaks a little bit more.. Such beautiful objects, arranged so famously, looking like a slice of heaven all wrapped up in a cuddly bundle of brick and mortar..Sighhhh.

So I snapped out of it. Here in NW Pennsylvania, we are convinced it is still winter. I have seen a few sales, but I am frothing for garage sale/flea market season. And every week when I watch American Pickers I get more and more restless. I want to be digging through that barn! So, I opted for the next best thing. We have an old shed on our property that is losing its grip-and by this I mean it could topple at any point. I figured I had better get in there and dig out what I could. Here is what we found. I may go back in for some other things that caught my eye..no use in wasting good junk!

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shabbychick writes: Great stuff - and right there in your own backyard! How much fun - a mother/daughter junking team!

Thanks for sharing.

Kathy Posted: 9:56 pm on May 25th
grabe writes: Get the screaming yellow windows out for sure lol Posted: 7:16 am on May 18th
grabe writes: Lucky ducky wow so many wonderful pieces!!! Posted: 7:14 am on May 18th
georgiamoon writes: WOW it's like shopping for FREE!!! Gotta love that. Looks like you got some great stuff in that old shed and a great little pickin' partner to go with it! Way to raise a child! Georgia Posted: 2:13 pm on May 14th
RoseGardenRomantic writes: The double cola box is really awesome! Looks like you found lots of good stuff! Wish I had my own shed full of junk!
Michelle Posted: 11:21 pm on May 13th
CleverJunk writes: By all means get it all out while you can and no worries if that shed falls down because old wood is a great find too. I'm always eye-ing falling down barns and sheds when I'm driving around our countryside wishing I knew the people living there so I could just take a little old wood off their hands. Have fun and go build something! Posted: 9:56 pm on May 13th
chippingcharm writes: Yay for you...have fun with your finds! Laurel Posted: 9:52 pm on May 13th
bensonstreet writes: I know it! I think the Double Cola is my favorite. We also found two Canada Dry boxes and a plain wood box about the same size. I am thinking of putting some big ferns in them that I saw at the florist and setting them on my porch. Posted: 9:39 pm on May 13th
MakinItHappen writes: Oh man, those wooden boxes are SO COOL!!! Posted: 5:33 pm on May 13th
secondhandrose writes: Wow... I'm jealous! I just can't believe it took you so long to go searching. ;) Looks like you have a lot of fun ahead of you! Posted: 11:32 am on May 13th
junqueartiste writes: Oh, such cool stuff! And I like the Double Cola box, too... Posted: 11:03 am on May 13th
bensonstreet writes: This is all stuff that has been laying around for who knows how long. We live in my husbands' great-grandparents house. I didn't buy any of this stuff, and am not sure which family member it belonged to. My husband has lived here all of his life, and I have lived here 17 years but never ventured in. I sure am glad I did before the building topples over! Posted: 10:36 am on May 13th
RustyDiva writes: Now is this stuff you bought and forgot about or is this a building that came with your house and you've never been in? Either way ~ Happy Birthday! LOL What great junk!!!! Now I'm drooling over being in your backyard. BTW, my teens do the same thing and then they bring me something they've found or they point out possible dumpster treasure. Guess they gotta be cool while still "liking" us. Posted: 10:20 am on May 13th
junkermidge writes: I hope you and your daughter keep on digging. Those are awesome finds.
Midge Posted: 12:12 am on May 13th
Prior writes: good grief girl!!! The grass is greener in your own back yard! Great picks! Lezlee Posted: 10:48 pm on May 12th
bensonstreet writes: We also saw a bunch of old windows with a screaming yellow paint on them - I am thinking of digging those out and making some of the greenhouses that have been posted! Posted: 10:42 pm on May 12th
MimiToria writes: Looks like you found some great stuff in your own backyard, and you didn't even have to travel here to MN either. lol The event at the AA/JMS was a blast, and I love how it inspired you to go junking in your own shed. Fun!
Gretchen Posted: 10:35 pm on May 12th
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