The Ups and Downs of a junking Weekend

October 19th, 2008 in member junk     
georgiamoon Georgia Terrell, contributor
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Heres some things that I got at the Swap Meet, definitely an UP!
small stuff for projects
My fave...a cream separator.
The arched thing is the mirror to the dresser but I like the back too...hmmm? Oh and the other is the top of a dresser that I am going to make something out of.
Heres some things that I got at the Swap Meet, definitely an UP!

Here's some things that I got at the Swap Meet, definitely an UP!

Well friends as we all know in the junking world that we have our ups and downs. This weekend I was all jazzed to go to a "HUGE BARN SALE". Well, lets just say, they had a barn. And they had a sale. We all know the images  that we conjure up when we hear those magical words. The disappointment comes in when you walk excitedly up to the "BARN" and see, 2 plaid recliners, some bud vases, various knick knacks from the 70's, crochet thread and the dreaded quilted floral bedspreads you see in a cheap motel. This outing, where I saw myself digging for hours through a "BARN",  turned into a hasty retreat along with all the other poor mislead treasure hunters. A BIG DOWN. Later that same day a lovely lady walked into the shop COVERED with dirt. Not wanting to be nosey (yeah right!) and just ask her if she had fallen into a hole, I patiently waited to hear what was going on. We started talking and it turns out she had been JUNKING all day, and then the fun began. We showed off all our newest finds and I went through her truck in awe of all she had found. Mostly metal and gears and stuff that I love. I was further surprised to learn that she is a very talented junk artist...and I mean artist. Her name is Jenny and I hope to see her on the site soon so you all can she what she does, you'll love it. So I got a new junking buddy, which, of course is an UP! The swap meet this morning was super fun and I got the things pictured above so the moral of this story is that just when you think your junking luck has run out, the junking gods smile down upon you and bring you just what you need...sometimes even a new friend. Georgia

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shabbychick writes: Georgia - I know exactly what you mean about the proverbial "BARN SALE" sign - it can definitely get your imagination going - you know, barns are sooooo big, and could hold soooooo many treasures (we are such optimists, aren't we) - so we continue to be lured by that dream of hitting "pay dirt" (and sometimes we do)!

It sounds like your best find of the day was the one you didn't even have to leave your store for - a new junking buddy! How awesome is that?!

Your swap meet stuff is great - do you have a project in mind for the cream separator?? Please share!! :)

Kathy Posted: 9:46 am on October 20th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Your loot looks pretty darn good! I too really love the back of the mirror. That will be a big decision for you but let us know what you decide.

Loved your story and glad you met a fellow junker...dirt and all.

Candy Posted: 8:09 am on October 20th
CottageElements writes: Loved your story, Geo. That's the best part of this business, the friends you make and the journey you take. Thanks for reminding us the magic isn't just in the junk, but the junkers.


PS My fav is the cream seperator, too! Posted: 10:42 pm on October 19th
MimiToria writes: Meeting a new junking friend is always an "Up" in my book. It sounds like a bad start ended up as a good day. Lots of treasures, and we'd love to see what all you come up with. Posted: 10:33 pm on October 19th
junkinhart writes: At least you did get to go junking!! There is absolutely nothing here!! other than people's garbage piles!! and it's wonderful to find another person with the same love you do -- especially in person!

Happy creating your junk finds,

Cindy Posted: 6:47 pm on October 19th
LuAnn writes: Hay friend: great finds. Loved your story. We junkers don't mind a little dirt. Sounds like your weekend wasn't a total bust. New friends are always welcome. Show what you do with you new treasures. Talk soon.

LuAnn Posted: 6:16 pm on October 19th
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