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April 25th, 2010 in member junk     
chippingcharm Laurel Putman, contributor
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Love this picture...I dont know this happy couple but they make me smile...
I knew I saved these for a reason :)
I removed the front and back cover of the book and then folded the pages back to a full page of words.  The pictures are only attached by the black photo corners and can easily be switched out.  The glass is held in place by black ponytail holders...who knew thatd come in handy for something other than a bad hair day...
This book is even called Picture Perfect...Imagine that...
Ive already read this book, but if you havent you still can...all the pages are still there...
The back is held in place by those same handy bands...
For this style I used an old Readers Digest Book.  Ive collected an assortment of interesting patterns over the years...
PS...I didnt just have a baby...my baby will be 3 in August, but I love this picture.  Its our first family photo...
Same ponies hold the glass and a little added embellishment...just because...
If I would have done this one with the binding up, pages down it would have stood alone nicely.  On this particular book I liked the pattern but wasnt thrilled about the titles so this metal bookend does the trick...
I do actually know this handsome guy...hes my Grandfather...
My Grandfather was a minister so this book of the New Testament was the perfect fit for this special picture.
Love this picture...I dont know this happy couple but they make me smile...

Love this picture...I don't know this happy couple but they make me smile...

I've been sorting again...when will it ever end???  As I was peeking through boxes and bins I came across a bunch of picture frame parts and pieces.  A while back I had taken apart a bunch of frames for a decorating project and in true "junker" fashion...I kept all the glass and cardboard backs...because well, "you just never know".  I also found a couple boxes full of old books...I can't resist them.  So this idea combines 2 of my favorite things...books and photos...

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Laurel Putman...Chipping Charm
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grabe writes: I love the element of words added in...so charming Posted: 7:07 am on May 16th
Prior writes: This is an inspiring project... I love books, added to the photos and words, it just has a great graphic quality about it! Lezlee Posted: 10:54 pm on May 12th
ninnarae writes: Laurel, I love everything about this project! So original and creative~thanks for sharing! Posted: 5:58 pm on May 3rd
JunkArchitect writes: I love this concept. My friend just had a baby so I may borrow your idea and create a frame from an old child’s book. Thanks Laurel!

Posted: 10:23 am on April 29th
Legacyoflovecrafter writes: What a neat idea! Anything with books and photos and I am I-N!
May try that sometime. Yours turned out beautiful, love the embellishments! Posted: 7:43 pm on April 27th
curlyrachel writes: what a great idea! i love it! :) Posted: 2:54 pm on April 27th
MimiToria writes: Fabulous job Laurel. Love the innovative ideas you've come up with here and using just what you had on hand. The pony tail hair pieces are perfect too. Love it all. Posted: 10:07 am on April 27th
junkermidge writes: Oh, Laurel, aren't you the clever one! Pure genius! I especially love that the book you used is entitled "Picture Perfect" -- that's for sure!
Posted: 8:24 pm on April 26th
TinTinJunkFan writes: What a wonderful project...so good! Posted: 4:24 pm on April 26th
MakinItHappen writes: Amazingly clever and creative! Posted: 12:10 pm on April 26th
RustyDiva writes: Laurel, This is a classic idea! I love how you used everything you already had ~ smart girl ~ and I love how everything is interchangable. Great "first family photo". I love old books too and this is a great way to use them. Thank you for sharing this ultra inspiring idea.

Kenda Posted: 10:14 am on April 26th
shabbychick writes: Laurel...I LOVE, LOVE this! Simply perfect use for the books, and picture frame pieces and parts!

I'm in the midst of sorting too...I don't think it ever ends - but look what you can come up with, right?? :)

Thanks for sharing!


P.S. Cute family pic too! :) Posted: 9:51 am on April 26th
bluebucket writes: These are so beautiful! I'll be stealing this idea for sure and maybe displaying some vintage postcards. Love it!!!
doreen Posted: 9:23 am on April 26th
TxErica writes: What a FABULOUS idea!! Now I want some. Posted: 6:47 pm on April 25th
byabpryor writes: This is a great project.... wow!!!

++ Posted: 4:06 pm on April 25th
sandyrae writes: this would make great gifts using particular book titles and special photo from an event. ie Brige Across Forever coupled with a wedding pic for an anniversary gift. Love it! Posted: 2:07 pm on April 25th
fellowjunker writes: Love this project Laurel.....gorgeously done!
xojanis Posted: 1:11 pm on April 25th
summerland writes: Might just have to dig around to find my stash of picture frame parts and pieces! I know I have at least one box. LOVE the idea! I have a vintage photo from the 40's of a woman on the street standing next to a Santa. I've always loved the photo but couldn't figure out how to make it stand out. This would make a perfect Christmas display. (I know, it's not even summer and I'm thinking about Christmas!)

Posted: 1:03 pm on April 25th
vanj writes: VERY cool. love this. does'nt every junker have a stash of old books? Posted: 12:56 pm on April 25th
oldnews writes: Laurel, this is one of my favorite posts of yours ever! These are so beautifully done, with so much thought put into each one. The use of the old frame parts, hair ponies - just too clever! Amazing post, I love it! Marie Posted: 11:16 am on April 25th
alicemom writes: Laurel, How picture perfect it that! Such good ideas and easy to pull off! Big thanks!!
Smiles, alice Posted: 11:08 am on April 25th
Lindsey2730 writes: I love it! Great idea! Posted: 10:53 am on April 25th
Cynyth writes: These are really great. Very innovative. Love them! Posted: 10:01 am on April 25th
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