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April 22nd, 2010 in member junk     
shamrockerin shamrockerin, member
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I've had this teacup and saucer for a while- they're also from the auction. They're very pretty, and it says on the bottom they were made in occupied Japan. They're kinda chipped and cracked though.

I'd been wanting to try making candles for a while- rather than buy an expensive candle making kit, i decided to just try it myself and see what happened. Using a blue candle from Dollar Tree, I removed the wick (its easy w/ cheap candles) and then I put the candle in a pot on the stove to melt it down. My boyfriend thought I was making lunch until he noticed the liquid was dark blue!

The trickiest part was getting the wick to stay in place while I poured the layers of wax. It didn't turn out perfect, but its OK for a first try. Plus, my mom will appreciate that it's hand-made. I am going to bundle it in the vintage blue scarf, and then tie it with the green ribbon.

I am also going to give her a jar (auction find) that's filled with 5 pounds of M&M's. (Easter candy was 75% off at the drug store).

She asked me not to spend any $$$$$$, and although I did spend a couple bucks for the candle and the candy, most of the stuff was free. I am also going to give her some fresh-cut flowers if I can find some pretty, wild (aka free) ones.

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RustyDiva writes: Well you are on top of things girlie ~ you have Mother's and Father's day taken care of! My mom is IMPOSSIBLE to get gifts for and I struggle every year. This is a good idea. My dad is soooooo much easier - maybe I'll make HIM a candle. ha Posted: 10:02 am on April 23rd
alicemom writes: Erin,
Just a darling idea! You did a great job on the "first-time" candle. I think your wick looks fine. If you make bunches use a double boiler so the wax will not catch on fire. Be careful!!! That's my "mom-i-ley" for the night.
smiles, alice Posted: 11:24 pm on April 22nd
junkermidge writes: Erin, way to go on making your own candles. You did a great job. Your mom will love it and all the other goodies you're throwing into the mix. And that's a smart idea to use the scarf as your wrapping.
Midge Posted: 9:45 pm on April 22nd
snowyowl writes: Love this idea. There are several places on the internet to find the instructions. If you buy a new wick, you wrap it around a pencil and suspend the pencil on each side. Never thought of melting an unused candle. I love these and they sell well at craft fairs too. Posted: 9:07 pm on April 22nd
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