Curch Pew Rebuild

April 20th, 2010 in member junk     
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An 8ft. church pew was cut down to 3ft. and missing part of arm was replaced
A close up of the repaired arm. It still needs to be sanded flush and finished.
An 8ft. church pew was cut down to 3ft. and missing part of arm was replaced

An 8ft. church pew was cut down to 3ft. and missing part of arm was replaced

I bought an 8 ft. church pew that was cracked, falling apart, missing part of one arm, but had the perfect weathered green finish. I completely diassembled it (saved the square nails for reuse), cut it down to 3 ft. and reassembled it. I used the undamaged arm to trace a pattern and cut and sanded a replacement piece, then doweled the restored arm together. Not sure now what to do with the finish, try to match what's there, leave it as is, or repaint the entire pew and then distress it. I'm open to ideas???

Pattern or design used: My own design
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Beanboy1 writes: I have a 10 footer sitting in my basement. You have given me an idea! This is also from my father's old church, so a lot of memories there. THANKS! Posted: 5:45 am on October 24th
ninnarae writes: Great project! I would match the green, too, so you could keep
the wonderful old patina! Posted: 11:16 pm on April 24th
Born_in_a_barn writes: If it is old enough for square nails it was probably done in milk paint which is kind of a pain to do but matching the color would be much easier. Or you could just paint over it, distress and let some of the green show through. If it were mine it would depend on where it was going and what the rooms colors were....and how lazy I was feeling. Posted: 7:53 am on April 23rd
alicemom writes: I would try to match the green. Love that color. I would put candle wax on part of the "new" arm. Like the wore off paint above on the side . (hope that makes sense) if you water down your paint that will also help. Practice on some leftover wood. You could also glaze after all over. Good luck........Show us pictures.
smiles, alice Posted: 9:56 pm on April 21st
MakinItHappen writes: Wonderful work! Posted: 12:05 pm on April 21st
RustyDiva writes: Great job on the rebuild! If you paint it black and it stays outside it will weather faster. I have better luck with white pieces cause they don't sun fade or show dirt as much and we have a LOT OF DIRT here. Whatever you do it will look great! Posted: 10:01 am on April 21st
junkermidge writes: Love the cutdown pew! You did great job duplicated the arm. I do like the vintage green color, but because of the repair job I think I would paint it all one color and distress it a bit. I think black would be awesome, but white would be nice too.
Midge Posted: 8:00 am on April 21st
artteachergirl writes: Well, well, I'd try to match the original color, if possible,and paint the new piece so you could leave it the nice color it is now. But if you can't match it, then try painting just the arm trim black...might be striking that way.The color it is now is beautiful! Posted: 6:16 pm on April 20th
sandyrae writes: I'd paint it black and distress it. But then again I paint almost everything black, if not white. Can't wait to see it finished! Posted: 4:22 pm on April 20th
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